Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Replace ObamaCare, Reform Insurance Rules and Curb Medical Costs

Replace ObamaCare, Reform Insurance and Curb Medical Costs. 
  1. Shift individuals to their own medical policies and away from employer coverage (making them portable).  This is the main reason that people get stuck with pre-existing conditions.  Give individuals the tax breaks to have their own insurance policies instead of companies.  Companies would then pay the monies that they would have spent for medical policies directly to employees.  The employees wouldn't pay tax on that money.  Companies could pay health care monies directly into employees health savings plans.
  2. Give the States "block grants" of money to spending on Medicaid and Medicare.  Cap the growth of these Federal entitlements to 2% or less (or 0% for a year or two at first).  Let the States spend the money and take steps to better take care of their citizens.  State money would be added onto Federal money as is seen fit by each State.
  3. Tort reform to reduce medical costs.
  4. Encourage/expand medical savings plans which allow for more high-deductible policies (people paying more of their bills; questioning pricing and demanding the lowest price, more "skin in the game").
  5. Bring back and expand the high risk insurance pools that are being eliminated as part of ACA!  Expand these programs to cover folks currently stuck with pre-existing conditions.
  6. Reform Medicaid system to a substantial "premium support" or voucher program so that these people shop for their own policies. Again government expenditures should be fixed or limited rather than open-ended.  Limiting government expenditures should truly moderate medical cost inflation--the bane of our existence.
  7. Promote change in state insurance rules to honor other states coverage.national to make all policies "portable."  Due to this and Item #1, people will have a policy that they select and it will be portable and not dependent on your current employer and valid in any state that you choose to live.
  8. Encourage more supply of medical professionals, 
  9. "Bust the trusts" of AMA and Big Pharma: outsource drug supply via worldwide bidding and graduate more doctors
  10. Allow pharmacists to dispense medicine without a doctor's prescription.  Pharmacists can handle most issues and they know when they don't know enough.

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