Monday, January 27, 2014

Stalinist Obama Administration Trying to Silence Dissent

I've warned before of they tyranny of this administration and the US Government in general.

The Obama Administration, including the intellectually deficient and criminal AG Eric Holder, continue to put the screws to those that disagree with the administration----which, according to Gallup Polls, was nearly 60% of the US population.  Not only are they continuing to persecute conservative groups with IRS actions, they continue to blame conservative voices and media outlets for their own problems and continue to let the NSA run riot over your Constitutional rights.  Now the government is persecuting Bitcoin founder who has succeeded in creating a digital currency that is INDEPENDENT of the government and government manipulation. 

Oh, and private (encrypted) email accounts, outside of the spying by NSA, are NOT allowed!!  Any dissent will not be tolerated!!  Got it?

From IBD:
  • Attorney General Eric Holder's Southern District of New York office has indicted conservative author, activist and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza — producer of the critical film "2016: Obama's America" — on what can only be called spurious charges of campaign fraud.
  • One of the few conservative political action committees in Hollywood with enough heft to make a difference, the 1,500-member Friends of Abe, has found its application to the IRS for tax-exempt status strangely held up in endless reconsiderations of whether it merits such treatment.
  • The chairman of Standard & Poor's Ratings Services, Harold McGraw III, claims former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner personally warned him that his firm would be held "accountable" for its downgrade of U.S. Treasury debt — before the government charged S&P in a $5 billion mortgage fraud case.
  • Conservative guerrilla filmmaker James O'Keefe's investigative group, whose devastating videos of misconduct led to the dismantling of Acorn, is being audited by New York for a second time.
  • New IRS rules on 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups conveniently leave labor unions and big business groups unmolested, but have a direct negative impact on Tea Party and other conservative groups.

These are not mere coincidences and that's not all:

  • I wrote recently that brilliant and conservative neurosurgeon Ben Carson was visited by the IRS after politely criticizing ObamaCare (correctly in hindsight) in a prayer breakfast that included "the self-anointed idiot" himself.
  • Also, the administration recently shut down all of the encrypted and secure email providers in a heavy-handed attempt to make sure all of your email communications can be reviewed by the NSA and cleared through the "ministry of truth."  After all, if you want email security outside of the prying eyes of the government, you must be a criminal!!  Right?   Any attempt to evade NSA snoops must be crushed!!  
  • The IRS is also trying to wiggle into the "Friends of Abe" website to get the names of some estimated 1500 Hollywood conservatives that belong to that social group. “Friends of Abe” is a secretive and very private club for a rare commodity in Hollywood: Conservative entertainers. They are trying to be "secretive" because the members don't want to be blacklisted by Hollywood studio or the US government either!  The group applied several years ago for a tax advantaged IRS status and has been under investigation ever since.   See The Blaze article
  • Now, the Administration is going after Bitcoin founder Charlie Schrem.  The founder of both Bitcoin and Manhattan gastro-pub Evr, is accused of various trumped-up criminal charges manufactured by the DOJ.   See the ZeroHedge article
Welcome to Stalinist America.  When will people wake up??  

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