Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rick Santelli Reminds Us: The Government IS the Problem!

Thank God for Rick Santelli.  Where would we be without clear-thinking and clear-speaking persons who have a depth of experience to see how our government is ruining America?  The US government is like Jabba the Hut who just eats more and more resources.  

To quote Daniel Henninger at the WSJ, 
To call the U.S. federal government a black hole is a disservice to black holes, which have a neutral majesty. Excepting the military's fighting units, the federal government has become a giant slug, like Jabba the Hutt, inert but dangerous. Like Jabba, the government increasingly survives by issuing authoritarian decrees from this or that agency. Barack Obama, essentially a publicist for Jabba's world of federal fat, euphemized this mess Monday as the American people's "democracy."

On a recent CNBC segment, a panel of guests were debating the economic "recovery" when one blurts out: 
Guest: Where would we be without the government?
Santelli: (begins)… We would be way better off! The problem is the government.They’re not here to help… They’re here to make healthcare more expensive, college more expensive… everything they touch is more expensive
  Here's the exchange on YouTube

Government IS the problem.  One example: The US government strong-armed itself into the US banking business during the last crisis by FORCING them to take Federal money and FORCING takeovers of failing institutions.   Most of these entities should have failed--which is the function of capitalism.  Then came hearings to control banker salaries and other complete bullshit...  Now, even 5 years later, the Obama administration is using the big banks as a source of $billion of funds under the "guise" of fines for the "sins" of those acquired entities.  That's what you get for helping the government! 

Worse, the US government tax policies, housing policies under FHA, FNMA and Freddie Mac and the Federal Reserve all CREATED the last financial crisis.  Not only did they create it, but the entire regulatory apparatus of the US government was completely and utterly inept and clueless in the run-up to the mortgage crisis. Then the same idiot bureaucrats claim that the new solution is even MORE regulators and MORE spending.  As if the vast agencies weren't already incompetent enough, let's make them bigger, more incompetent and MORE costly!!  Brilliant!! 

All of that shit needs to end!!  Now would be a good time!!  But nothing ever ends under the Federal umbrella.  The bureaucracy keeps getting bigger and bigger like Jabba the Hut.  Meanwhile, nothing has changed.  There is more debt than ever.  Every "market" is manipulated and polluted with money printing and free money.  The big banks are bigger than ever. Their speculative activities outside of traditional banking are bigger than ever.  There is a 100% chance of bigger and more damaging crises ahead and it will be caused again by the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve.
Now the US government is now trying to control and manipulate the entire healthcare market and the healthcare insurers are deeply "in bed" with the government.. These companies will soon learn what the banks learned.   Meanwhile, insurance costs have risen dramatically because of "ObamaCare" and will force more and more people into the arms of the Federal Government for subsidies.  But who's going to pay for all of that??  The administration would be happy if 100% of the population were getting subsidies -- never mind the nation careens to financial disaster.

Ronald Reagan was right, GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!

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