Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thanks Obama and Hillary! Al Qaeda Has Never Been Stronger

I was listening to a CBS Evening News report that Al Qaeda has captured Mosul in Northern Iraq in the past 24 hours.  Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq and northern Iraq was one of the more stable areas of Iraq until now.  From the Washington Post:
The collapse of government forces in Mosul echoed the takeover earlier this year of the town of Fallujah in western Anbar province, where U.S. troops fought some of their fiercest battles of the Iraq war in an effort to quell the insurgents.
Mosul, however, is a far more important city, the capital of northern Iraq and a key commercial and trading center. It had also been an important focus of the U.S. military’s effort to stabilize Iraq.
They also captured some $400 million dollars from the Mosul central bank and US Black Hawk helicopters.  From Economist,
The jihadists seized huge stores of American-supplied arms, ammunition and vehicles, apparently including six Black Hawk helicopters and 500 billion dinars ($430m) in freshly printed cash. Some 500,000 people fled in terror to areas beyond ISIS’s sway.
 Many of the insurgent fighters came from nearby Syria, where Al Qaeda's presence has soared. They have, in fact, changed their name to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS, to reflect their expanded operations.

Add the brazen Al Qaeda attack on the Karachi's International Airport to the mix and you get a picture of Al Qaeda that has never been stronger.  They are making a joke of Obama's claim that Al Qaeda was "on the run."  It's now totally laughable except it's so sad.

This is what happens when Obama stops fighting -- Al Qaeda fights on!  Obama didn't bother to negotiate a residual force agreement in Iraq to advise and assist militarily.  This lack of a that agreement has helped open the floodgates for the Jihadists, including both Hezbollah, Iranian and Al Qaeda,  leading to sudden and shocking territorial gains in Iraq.

Incoherently, he says that such an agreement is required in Afghanistan now that our troops are being withdrawn.  (He's "flubbing" that one too because Karzai is too "difficult" but it is Obama is too fucking lazy and incompetent)    In Afghanistan, Obama foolishly made public our military withdrawal schedule -- meaning that Al Qaeda will be making similar territorial gains in Afghanistan this year once our troops are gone.  The Islamic insurgency is alive and well in Afghanistan.

The US retreat from the world has been led by Obama and Hillary Clinton.  But evidence is mounting that we are storing up big problems down the road.  What happens when the region blows up?  What do we do then?  I don't know the answer to that question.  What happens when Pakistan is suddenly collapses after Afghanistan falls to Jihadist Islamists?  You know Iran is working behind the scenes to destabilize the region too while "making nice" on the surface with the nincompoops in the Obama Administration.

Withdrawal of US influence and feckless US leadership can't possibly help.   Obama has created a US leadership vacuum nearly everywhere and it's being filled.  It's being filled by Russia and Iran in Syria, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda in Iraq, Russia in Ukraine, China in the South China Sea and, coming soon, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  None of this bodes well for the future -- the future once Obama is run out of Washington.  The entire gains from the "war on terror" are being reversed before our very eyes.  Danger is rising now that Al Qaeda is now stronger than they have ever been.

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