Sunday, July 20, 2014

90% of ObamaCare Enrollees Receive Sudsidies

Never mind that Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare are all in deficit with costs exceeding payroll tax collections by over $1/2 Trillion this year alone. And never mind that all three programs are projected to have even larger deficits for as far as the eye can see. There is no effort to reform these programs since Democrats won't even admit that there's a problem. Democrats continue to hide their heads in the sand about the demographics crisis that has steadily reduced the worker-to-beneficiary ratios.

So, as if that's not enough, Democrats and Obama will worsen an already bad situation. ObamaCare is now subsidizing 90% of it's victims customers at taxpayers expense. In another exposed lie, ObamaCare WILL increase the deficits. Every claim made by Obama to sell ObamaCare are all proven false -- proving once again that liberals impose their agenda by using lies and tricks.

Obama, of course, wants millions more on the Federal Government feeding trough so that those people will vote for the irresponsible Democrats to continue their benefits. But when 90% receive subsidies, who's going to pay the bill? I feel sorry for the top 10% who pay the vast majority of taxes as it is and will also suffer due the drastically higher ObamaCare costs. Obama and Democrats are the most irresponsible people ever.
From the LA Times,
"Consumers who make less than four times the federal poverty level, or about $94,000 for a family of four, qualify for subsidies to offset the cost of their premiums in most places."

That assistance helped lower premiums for consumers who bought healthcare coverage on federal marketplaces by 76% on average...Premiums that normally would have cost $346 a month on average instead cost consumers just $82, with the federal government picking up the balance of the bill.
$94,000 per year is the cut off for subsidies!! It wasn't that long ago that this administration called those people well off!

Now, a family of four making $94,000 needs assistance!! How screwed-up is that? And that's partly because the cost of healthcare insurance rose nearly 40% last year alone!! The cost of ObamaCare IS a hardship to nearly everyone. Thanks Obama, Reid and Pelosi!! With friends like that, who needs enemies? The truth is that they are the enemies.

Obamacare is doubling down on a broken system where everyone is using other people's money allowing high healthcare insurance cost increases. No one has incentive to improve efficiency or conserve resources. It's like everyone is playing with 'funny money.' The result: healthcare costs in the US are MUCH higher than the rest of the world by 3 to 10 fold.

And government spending, on the margin, has been a big driver of cost increases. Now that government will be spending unlimited and unrestrained money on Medicaid, Medicare, and ObamaCare, the gov't will drive prices even higher. Unlike individuals, the government is completely and totally insensitive to prices, and prices WILL go up and the US deficits will continue higher until ruin arrives. It can't have a happy ending because prices will never go down.

Some of the right reforms, instead of ObamaCare were to:
  • repeal Obamacare and give uninsured vouchers to cover high deductible policies (rather than ruining the health insurance market and raising costs dramatically!!). 
  • block grants of a fixed amount of federally budgeted monies given to the States for healthcare programs -- with restrained increases.  This will help restrain price increases.
  • promote health savings plans which allow consumers to buy very high deductible policies which give the consumers some 'skin in the game.' 
  • change the tax incentives to shift consumers from their employer's plans to their own plans so that their coverage is portable. Changing jobs won't affect their coverage as is the case now.
  • tort reform and expanded high risk pools to cover the few remaining uninsured (after people covered by their employers shift to their own portable policies.

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