Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Obama and Democrats Are Wrecking the Economy

Obama and his fellow Left wing Democrats are job killers. Their socialist-lite policies of higher taxes, demonizing the prosperous, excessive market intervention (the ObamaCare disaster is causing skyrocketing medical insurance prices), an out-of-control EPA,  threats of cap and trade taxation, the war on coal, higher minimum wage, bigger government, unionism, not supporting free trade agreements, etc -- all reduce or limit the number of jobs available. 

You could correctly say that the Democrats are at war against jobs in America 

Although the total number of employed has finally reached pre-crisis 2007 levels, the number of people "not in the workforce" has gown by 11.4 million since Obama took office.  For a growing population, the number of jobs hasn't grown enough to employ them.  Therefore, the current labor 'participation' rate of 62.8% is back to levels not seen since 1978.  A record high 91.5 million people in this country are not working as job creation hasn't kept up with population growth. Does this sound like a healthy economy??

The economy isn't creating enough jobs for our own young people and immigrants. Then, the President starts a stampede of poor Central Americans crossing our border by loose talk of unlimited amnesty, government support, and a refusal to deport persons per the laws of this country.  But there's no jobs for them here -- with significant thanks to Obama! 

And all this poor economic performance despite that Obama has added $7 TRILLION in debt burdens to our next generation.  And the Federal Reserve has printed $4 TRILLION in new paper money to enrich the bankers while casting the dye for much higher inflation now and in the years ahead -- hurting working people the worst.

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