Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama in Denial About Islam

I never listen to a single word spoken by Obama, but it is reported (and confirmed by the text of his speech) that he said the following last night:
“Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic,” Obama said, speaking from the state floor of the White House residence. “No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.”
So, there you have in a nutshell one of Obama's many problems.  First, he's WRONG!  Will he claim that Al Qaeda is not Islamic?  How about Hamas?  How about the Taliban, Hezbollah, Boko Haram??

He is blind to the worldwide problem that is Islam.  He's blind to a lot of things.  He's basically a Muslim sympathizer. 

The so-called religion of peace is anything but.  Let's be clear, Islam is the only religion (ideology) in the world that prescribes violence against other people who are "unbelievers". There are some 109 verses prescribing violent "war" against those who oppose Islamic "rule."  In fact there are few counterbalancing views of tolerance of others in the Quran.  There's no "turn the other cheek" in Islam!

See here for a list of attacks by Muslim believers since September 11, 2001.  The Islam inspired death toll is up to nearly 24,000 people worldwide since Sept 11, 2001.

What's the point of continuing to pretend that Islam is a religion?  Islam is not a religion but a violent, fascist cult based on the teachings of a mentally ill, violent, murdering, pedophilic, misogynist named Muhammad.
Is it any wonder that Islam is one screwed-up "religion"?   It's a sad joke. 

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