Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Example of Why The Left Is Unfit to Govern

I've indicated before that Liberals are emotional, irrational, unprincipled and therefore unfit to govern.  I guess I forgot to include "hopelessly naive"-- even "dangerous."

Washington, this Administration and the State Department are full of naive Leftists with dangerous -- even ridiculous -- ideas about the world.  Dumb ass Marie Harf, idiot spokesperson for the US State Department, said that we can't win the war with ISIS by just killing them.  That's not so bad, but then says that they need jobs or something!

That's almost as bad as Michelle Obama and fellow idiot P. Diddy's Twitter campaign to "combat" the seriously murderous Boko Haram terrorists who are wrecking havoc throughout Nigeria.  The naivety is stunning.

As if to prove the point, the Leftist President of Uruguay verbally blasts the 6 Islamic Jihadist terror detainees, released from Guantanamo to Uruguay, for being "lazy" after they have repeatedly refused jobs offered to them well after their resettlement.  The Uruguay President actually visited the new immigrants personally!  He left that visit disgusted.  At least they aren't fighting back in the field of battle like most of the released detainees!  So much for the ability of jobs, work, or anything else to reform these people.  Gee, maybe killing them is all you CAN do?

This cartoon goes a long way to explain why Lefties are unfit to govern or even set policy:

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