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Liberals Emotional, Unprincipled; Unfit to Govern

The difference between Conservatives and Liberals increasingly shows the contrast of emotional reacting vs rational thinking.  Think about it.  Liberals are mostly from the 'fuzzy' professions of art, journalism, acting, etc. Conservatives, for example, are found in the ranks of engineers and the business community. Nearly all of my engineering friends are conservative since we are all about rational analysis and a sharp focus on objective facts and figures. Liberals are found in the "fuzzy" artistic community. It's not surprising that Hollywood actors are nearly universally Liberal. And journalism is truly a "liberal arts" major. People of faith are conservative because they realize that Liberals are trying to substitute a religion of big government for a true religious faith (a la Communism). 

Liberals are much more volatile, emotional and even hysterical than Conservatives. This makes them unfit to govern.  A good perfect example comes just today as DNC chairwoman Deborah Wasserman Schultz went completely hysterical against mild-mannered Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.  From Townhall, she said:
"Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand. I know that is stark. I know that is direct. But that is reality." Wasserman Schultz added: "What Republican tea party extremists like Scott Walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. It is not going to happen on our watch."
Bashing Walker is really hysterical. What did Walker ever do to Schultz?  Scott Walker is a gentlemen; a mild-mannered and rational governor who has well-managed his state government, balanced budgets and even lowered taxes in Wisconsin.  He is not controversial.  He's a competent governor who recently won a recall election vote with a higher margin than his first election results despite a Liberal smear campaign.  So, the people of Wisconsin have spoken an spoken loudly.  Walker's only problem is that he's a real threat to the Democrats in 2016.  

Oh, did I mention that Deborah Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is a professional artist?  (Look it up here)  Perfect!  Being an artist means that she's imminently qualified to define public policy objectives and economic strategies for our great nation!   Can you see why Democrats have run this country off the rails?  Obama never even had a job.

The real objective of the screeching, hysterical Democrats is to lie, obfuscate and falsely smear any solid Republican who might be a threat in the next election.  Remember how the liberal media obsessed about "bridgegate" in New Jersey -- all to implicate Chris Christie?  It was the top "news" on national media for weeks while the real and serious problems caused by Obama and the Democrats went to page 5!!   Now comes the ridiculous politically-motivated indictment of Rick Perry.  It's a complete joke! Even Liberal commentators agree that it's frivolous. The Democrats don't care whether anything is true or not.  They are going to smear by any measure because they know the compliant media will amplify things.  It's despicable.  It's all about dirty tricks.  Liberalism is only imposed by lies and tricks, since rational voters in the US will ultimately not choose hyperactive big government and government control on it's own.  Remember, big government is the Democrat's false idol.

More Examples of Hysterical and Emotional Democrats- Unfit to Govern

For another example of Liberal hysterical and irrational thinking, take global warming.  Liberals are screeching Malthusians and Chicken Little's when it comes to the relatively mild effects of global warming.  Their cries are all emotion and not based on facts.  In fact, they are thoroughly annoyed by "inconvenient facts" that contradict their collective hysteria.  Liberals are positively hyperventilating to enact big government carbon monitoring and taxation even though that wouldn't change ANYTHING except to make government bigger and harm the economy and job market.  They would rather ruin the economy based on their emotions rather than facts.  Liberals, as usual, don't know the key facts(s): that the amount of carbon dioxide emissions reductions required to halt the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere is so large (50%) that it's not possible and the cost to do so is impossibly high.  The cost to mitigate the relatively benign effects of warming are 10,000 times cheaper.

Look at the liberals screeching for gun control but ignore the facts about who commit gun crimes. They'd rather ignore the Constitution than face the REAL problem. The real problem is black men, at 6% of the population, who are committing the majority of gun crimes nationwide.  But radical political correctness, another characteristic of the current liberal crowd, prevents any mention of these "inconvenient" facts.    Black men are committing about 7,000 murders per year out of 14,000 total or more than 120 per week -- far eclipsing the number of headline massacres like Columbine.  Discussions of seizing guns from black men, are strictly verboten!  It might violate their civil rights?  What about the victim's rights?

Take a look at Liberal, Liberal media and black emotional response to Trayon Martin and Michael Brown shootings.  They jump to conclusions and wrong ones at that.  Blacks, who identify with Democratic party at a 95% rate, have proven to be emotional hotheads who would lynch any white police officer even reported of killing a black man -- regardless of facts or fault.  Complete lawlessness and hysteria were on display in Ferguson.  Then we find out that every black man involved in the Michael Brown shooting is a liar, thief or thug.  

Democrats Have Shifted Hard Left Since JFK -- Unfit to Govern

It didn't used to be this way. The difference between the Democratic and Republican party used to be very small and both parties were capable of governing. After all, it was JFK called on people to ask what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them. JFK would be considered a solid conservative now as he was a supply-side tax cutter and staunch foe of Communism -- not unlike Ron Reagan.

But the grand old Democratic party of JFK and Truman has devolved into the party of irresponsible people FOR irresponsible people.  The Democratic party is the party of ever more regulation, more taxes (and even more spending) that smother the economy, endless deficits and debt, shamelessly lying and smearing the opposition, demonizing and attacking the prosperous, unlimited giveaways, something-for-nothing, unlimited amnesty, ignoring existing laws, erasing our borders with unlimited and lawless immigration of Central Americans for political "gain," no budgeting, no effective gov't oversight or managing, killing the unborn, and food stamps for all.  All of this is paid for with other people's money or worse, paid with "printed" money.  Add debasement of the currency to the Democrat's "credentials".

Under Democrats under the leadership of Barack Obama, there are no consequences, no accountability, no apologies, no humility and nothing but failures and flops EVERYWHERE and all covered-up by lies, phony excuses and "spin."  We are surrounded by big government failures: ObamaCare is hurting more people than those helped, failed socialized medicine at the VA, $8 Trillion of new debt with nothing to show for it, ineptitude and weakness in foreign policy, complete anarchy at the border.  What a sad day for America! Never before have the Democrats deserved to be more punished severely in the polls.  Democrats used to be a great political party that has gone wildly astray under Barack Obama.

Government Failures Are All Around Us

Democrat's cling to the dream of ever more big government despite the fact that government failures are all around us.  All of the major entitlement programs are bleeding red ink and in the middle of a demographic crisis.  Democrats refuse to admit that there's a problem.  Not only are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in deficit forever, but now we have ObamaCare adding to the deficit forever as well.  Yep, ObamaCare adds to the deficit.  Everything said to promote that law is proven to be lies.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge that Social Security and Medicare are in the late stages of a demographic crisis where the number of workers compared to beneficiaries is rapidly dropping to 2 (from 16 at the program conceptions).  Both entitlements are already in deficit and will be for as far as the eye can see since no one can even talk about reform.  How can you fix them when Democrats refuse to admit there's a problem?  Worse, with existing entitlements in deficit forever more, they enact ObamaCare, sold by a pack of lies all proven false, that will add to the deficit forever going forward.  They don't care.  They will default through inflation or raise more taxes.  But deficits never will close.

FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have required numerous taxpayer bailouts as these programs under-priced mortgages and helped cause the great housing crisis and resulting bust.   Look at the failure and deception of ObamaCare, the VA, the failure of "the war on poverty".  The Government and especially the Federal Reserve have caused the past two financial crises and will soon cause another.  They have learned nothing and have, in fact, they have doubled down on failed policies.   Also see here.

Democrats are completely irresponsible in matters of money.   Everyone knows that the Liberals are ALL ABOUT unlimited spending, giveaways, freebies, welfare benefits without end, 'something for nothing'.  All of this is paid for with other people's money.  When have you EVER heard a Democrat call for a cut in spending? -- even though a "cut" in Washington is merely a reduction of a rate of increase.

The object of much of those giveaways is African Americans.  But African American culture is worse and more violent now than ever. They are committing crimes (and incarcerated) at 7 times the rate of whites.  Rather than helping, too much government giveaways have created more problems than they've solved.  Crime is rampant, gangs and drugs are everywhere, and the collapse of families augurs for a much worse future.  African American culture is in collapse.  Poverty is at all-time highs.  Black unemployment is double that of the White population.  All this while Democratic policies hurt the economy in general and this group in particular.  Proving that Blacks don't know what's good for them, they continue to approve of our incompetent administration at about 85%.  It's the same thing as what continued to happen in Detroit but at a national level.  And we know what happened to Detroit.   The future portrayed in the film RoboCop has come all too true in Detroit.

Even one of the few enumerated duties of the Federal Government,  the US Post Office, is in financial crisis and unfixed.

Democrats Ignore Facts and History, Unprincipled -- Unfit to Govern

Unlike Conservatives, it is Democrats that are not grounded in history or traditions of great thought.  The founder's dreams of a Federalist collection of relatively independent states is now long gone now that the Federal Government has grown to gargantuan levels with no one having the courage to reverse the trend (including the Supreme Court itself).  This while nearly every Federal Government program is outrageously expensive or failing.

Democrats like to "wing it" in policy matters.   What are the principles that Democrats stand for?  They don't have any.  They aren't grounded in any of the great religious and ethical traditions either and pooh-pooh religious traditions.  Adam Smith is to be soundly ignored by Liberals who think central planners know best.  They choose to ignore the many historical  failures of all of the central planning and Socialist experiments, even though a number of these failures are right under our noses today in Venezuela, France and Argentina.  But that's where they STILL want to go!   Ignoring widespread evidence that liberalism and socialism fails is the hallmark of Liberals!  Facts are so inconvenient! 

Liberals are products of a undisciplined and permissive society that wants everyone to avoid the hard lessons of life.  Obviously, learning the lessons of life are critical to gaining wisdom. Hardship is the great teacher in life.  And life is much harder than any mother ever told their children.  Many parents know how important "tough love" is for raising children so that they understand the important lessons of life.  Liberals are often children of permissive parents who never had tough love.  Then, they join the Democratic party who gets votes by bribing people with handouts (usually money) to "help" other people avoid the consequences of bad decisions and bad behavior.  This is how society decays.  The permissive, convenient and successful society has the seeds of it's own destruction -- where the population becomes 'soft', ignorant, unwise from too much ease and everything provided to them without much/any hardship.  A foolish population will vote for more of the same (if they vote at all).   We're seeing that in spades now.  Our society is declining rapidly now and only severe hardship will reverse it.

Obama is the ultimate example of Liberal blindness; full of political correctness nonsense, ignorance and foolishness. He is very unwise since he's the ultimate example of having everything handed to him by affirmative action programs due to his special status of being a "somewhat intelligent black man".  He's the ultimate example of never having learned the hard lessons of life -- having lived the perfect Liberal dream of unending handouts and giveaways without merit, cost or even much effort.  He's grown up a slacker.  He's never had to hold a job or make a payroll.  He's never had to produce anything even to this day.

And he never knew from where all the benefits that were handed to him came from.  For they came from the wealth and productivity of our country's workforce and business community.  That's why it's easy for him to bash business and extort from the prosperous.  He's the ultimate product of an easy society: he doesn't know how anything works, he knows nothing of business, how real wealth is created through production, and he knows nothing about "tough love".  He's the absolutely the last person in the world we should have in the Presidency.  We've created a monster.


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