Tuesday, June 23, 2015

US Blacks 12 Times More Likely to Die Violently

US Blacks are 12 times more likely to die violently compared to other developed countries.  The problem is that US black (men) are committing gun homicides at 7 times the rate of whites and commit over 50% of all murders.  Unsurprisingly, 90% of their victims are black.

In a recent year, there were 13,000 murders, so Blacks (mostly men) will kill about 6,500 persons per year or about 125 persons per week.  This rate of deaths, week in and week out, dwarfs the number of blacks killed by crazy people like Dylann Roof (Charleston massacre) or by cops.

All of this carnage is due to 6.5% of the population -- the percentage of black men in the US.

In the wake of the Charleston massacre, Obama could only bring out his tired old call for gun control. But Dylann Roof bought a gun illegally at a gun store despite existing gun control laws and regulations.  He had a felony drug charge on his record (drug possession), and he should have be refused a gun after his background check. So, more gun rules would work?  Obama would rather take away the guns of 99.9% of good people leaving only criminals with guns.  He would never, EVER propose to take away guns from black men!  Yeah I know, it isn't impractical.  Or is it??

Idiots like Obama never learn.

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