Sunday, July 26, 2015

Unadulterated Truth From an Ordinary Citizen

I was reviewing comments on an article recently and came across someone with some very savvy comments for our time:
What exactly has Obama done to warrant any praise? The overall economy sucks, his healthcare takeover is an increasingly expensive disaster, our borders are unsecured leaving illegals free reign to tie up public resources that they don't pay for, wages are down, labor force participation is at a low, welfare participation at a high, he uses unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats to punish political enemies and trample liberty, he circumvents the Constitution to legitimize illegals, he promotes class warfare and racial tension at every opportunity, he spies on citizens and is currently implementing a huge database through HUD that will seek to rebalance every neighborhood in America according to his utopian vision, further restricting our liberties, he undermines our allies and helps our enemies. He is nothing less than a traitor to this nation. My only fear is that we will be too far gone by the time you brainwashed sheep realize that you too are going to be screwed along with us conservatives.
Bush made mistakes, no argument there. But I never doubted that he had the best interest of the country at heart. Obama is not making "mistakes." He is wrecking America on purpose, and I'm tired of dancing with you leftists about it. Wake up before it's too late.
The same person commenting on another article:
...Liberals on college campuses bully anyone who doesn't express sufficient support for correct speech orthodoxy regarding race or gender issues, CEO's are being fired for disagreeing with gay marriage orthodoxy, southerners are being marginalized for daring to display a contentious symbol of their region and history, IRS thugs leaning on tea party groups, credentialed climate scientists hounded out of publishing for daring to publish papers that undermine climate orthodoxy, and just recently, a liberal columnist made a thinly veiled "joke" that Republicans and conservatives would be the first to be rounded up and executed in the revolution.
Sounds like we are closer to Nazi Germany than you may be comfortable admitting.

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