Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time to Eliminate Public Unions: Federal Worker's Make 40% More Than Private Sector

Federal workers now make far more than private sector workers--when you include benefits.

From USA Today:  Overall, federal workers earned an average salary of $67,691 in 2008 for occupations that exist both in government and the private sector, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The average pay for the same mix of jobs in the private sector was $60,046 in 2008, the most recent data available.

But these salary figures do not include the value of health, pension and other benefits, which averaged $40,785 per federal employee in 2008 vs. $9,882 per private worker, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In total,  more unionized public workers sector makes about 40% more than the much less unionized private sector.

Some 37% of public employees are unionized and only 7% of private sector are unionized.

State and Federal employees costs have risen well beyond those in the private sector. Why should a paper-pusher in a government agency even need a union and higher pay? And at the expense of the taxpayer? Every dollar a Federal employee makes above market rates is an extortion of the taxpayer! This is a great example why unions should be banned in the public sector. Such a ban naturally would include elimination of teacher's unions in every state. These unions resist reforms and place teacher's needs and wants ahead of the students. End it!

Ban public sector unions at the Federal and Local levels. Pass a nationwide "right-to-work" law to make it the law of the land. Also, Repeal Bacon Davis act which jacks up costs of public projects and is tantamount to extortion of taxpayers. 

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