Monday, October 12, 2015

Trump and Thailand Are Right on Immigration

Trump has flat-out said that the illegals in this country must leave and apply for 'legal' readmission. This is considered shocking in this country but it's just the norm for every other country in the world. I can't go to a single country in the world and arrive without a visa (or get a stamp) or overstay my visa. And if my visa expires or I overstay, I must leave and come back with a visa renewal.

Trump also correctly says that we are either a country or not a country -- referring to the fact that we don't have a country if we have no borders. He should also say that we are either a country of law and order or we're a country of chaos and lawlessness. Under Obama, we are increasingly a country of chaos and lawlessness. This can not stand. Our current lax immigration enforcement can not stand.

We can't have an unenforced open border when we have a welfare state, otherwise we're just a free money, free-stuff chump.  Of course, that's exactly what we are because the Democrats are desperately seeking new low-information voters to extend their dominance in politics. And they pay for all of this 'free stuff' with other people's money or borrow it from the Chinese (and give the bill to the next generation).  Wonderful people are Democrats.

Democrats are all about buying votes. They are plotting to let illegals vote right now by opposing any common sense measure such as asking for ID and evidence of citizenship or eligibility.  Anyone supporting common sense voter ID rules is now labeled racist by Democrats. You're a racist if you have any common sense.

But this is just the start. We need to radically improve our tracking of all immigrants and enforce compliance with our rules and deadlines. Nearly all other countries do so! That we can't (or haven't) is shameful. We're a country where nothing works anymore. Trump is right. We are ruled by "very, very stupid people."

There is no country in the world to where I can travel and overstay my visa and expect there NOT to be a big problem. I've spent plenty of time in Thailand as a tourist and as a retiree. I can't stay there as an "illegal" without a big problem! Thailand manages it's immigration law with far more competence than the so-called '1st world' US.  For example, if I overstay my visa there, I am subject to a fine of $15 per day for each day that I stay on. There is 100% chance of this fine being enforced.  They will stamp my passport "Overstay" and if I do it again, my ability to re-enter Thailand may be in doubt.

Anyone staying in Thailand on an extended visa, such as retirees, must report to immigration every 3 months and report their current address and contact information. If I fail to do this, there will be big fines and I could reasonably expect a visit from the local police if I don't show up.  This is what America should adopt. It's a sad commentary when we need to copy "lowly" Thailand to properly enforce our immigration law and order.

Since Thailand has been one of the few prosperous countries in it's region, it has an immigration problem where other Asians are coming in and trying to find work. Unlike the US, they don't have a bullshit PC problem with regard to the involvement of local police to enforce immigration. There, local police will sweep through marketplaces and ask workers for Thai national IDs. If you don't have your ID, that's fine, but they will return the next day to ask for it.  Any suggestion, in this country, of  local police verifying immigration status is greeted with howls of protests and cries of "racism" by Democrats in Congress, the nation and in "sanctuary" cities.

Since we don't have a national ID card, every driver's license in this country should indicate citizenship status. In every traffic stop or encounter with local police should result in local police to check for compliance with visa rules. Like Thailand, if you don't have evidence that you are in compliance, you should be allowed to produce it the following day at a local police station. And if you don't show up, then local police (or ICE) should follow up to find and potentially deport that person. This is called "law and order."  I know we haven't seen it in a long time but this is what it looks like.

We need Federal laws to explicitly outlaw "sanctuary cities" to require jail time for the entire city leadership if they fail to comply with such a law.  We are either a country of law and order or we're a country of lawlessness and chaos. You choose.

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