Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Clashes of Civilization

We're seeing clashes of civilization in both Europe and North America caused by waves of immigrants from less "civilized" countries where there are only poorly performing economies, poor education and very low job skill levels -- all reflecting the lower median intelligence (IQs) in those countries. In the case of Muslims, not only are their median IQs quite low, they also have a culture largely incompatible with the Judeo-Christian culture of Western Europe and the Americas.

Before you think that I'm rascist, when it comes to high IQ populations, it's only Northern Europeans and East Asians (and their descendants) that have the highest IQs of 100 to 108. Most of the rest have median IQs in the 70s and 80s (some in the 90s). This is the basis for the clash of civilizations. White Europeans and their descendants founded the greatest civilizations in world history. But vast swaths of the world, like the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are either in collapse or nearly so. And the blending of these lower IQ populations into the most advanced civilizations in high numbers eventually creates burdens on the citizens (permanent welfare), reduces the country's educational and economic performance and causes unnecessary problems. Japan knows this and doesn't allow it!

I'm reading this morning that, after 40 years of intentionally "diversifying" the previously homogenous (all-white) population of Sweden with large numbers of Muslim Middle Eastern and African immigrants, there are now numerous instances now where locals are burning immigrant centers and there are clashes by people fed-up with the continuing wave of immigration, a growing crime rate and a resentment of large 'welfare' support given these people. In Sweden, these foreigners now comprise 26% of the population (those foreign born or with at least one foreign- born parent).  In reality, these immigrants don't belong there!  It could hardly be more obvious, but the Liberal buffoons remain intentionally ignorant!

Now Sweden is the rape capital of Europe as the Muslim "culture" largely condones rape of women. Shamefully, the media in Sweden refuses to report these crimes as anything other than being committed by "Swedish men" even though they know very well it's being done overwhelmingly by Muslims. And the government keeps bringing in more of them! Outrageous political correctness prevents the reporting of evidence that these immigrants are creating a huge crime problem. Liberals control the media and refuse to report facts that "blow up" their world view. They remain willfully blind and immune to facts and reality or to anything that conflicts with their views! The problem is that they find themselves denying and ignoring nearly everything!  Only if their heads were being sawed off at the hands of a Muslim would there ever be a glint of insight!

Now an even worse and bigger immigration problem is coming to the rest of Europe. Vast throngs of Middle Eastern and African Muslim men are flooding to Europe. These people are fleeing failed cultures and failed countries in the Middle East and Africa as Arab/Muslim cultures in those regions are now completely collapsed. Their culture and countries are collapsed because these populations have lower intelligence, have no skills and extremely inferior education relative to the destination culture. Particularly in Europe, Muslims do not prosper and integrate and remain dependent on welfare assistance. They often create immigrant "ghettos" where crime rates are higher. They re-create the very failed culture that caused them to immigrate! European Liberals refuse to even admit the existence of these ghettos. But the terrorist attacks in France originated in Parisian Muslim ghettos.

In a naked attempt to "buy votes," the US President unlawfully threw open the doors of the US to nearly unlimited immigration of mostly Central Americans and many Mexicans in recent years. Immigrants take advantage of Government-sponsored free resettlement, free local education and free medical treatment at emergency rooms. The idea is to allow these "grateful" people into the country to vote Democratic.

But Latinos are also fleeing largely failed countries with poor economies -- not unlike Muslims that are fleeing their failed countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Although Latinos are much more culturally compatible with the US culture than Muslims, most US citizens want controlled immigration with criteria including a preference for those with higher education and English language skills. Latinos have somewhat lower intelligence (median IQ of ~89), lower quality education, and few to no skills including English compared to White Americans. (Latinos have higher IQ than Muslims or Africans due to blending of European genetics). And there are few jobs being created in the US for them. But like European Liberals, facts or evidence means nothing as they are immune to such things.

US black culture has collapsed with outrageous black-on-black violence,  murders and drug dealing. Like Muslims, US black "culture" is devolving in a dramatic way; 1 in 9 black men is in jail right now, some 56% of gun homicides in the US are committed by blacks, crime is out of control, and black families with intact parents are rare. It's getting worse too. These lower IQ black people remain a huge burden to the US and represent a serious clash of civilization with the rest of the country. Black citizens are receiving income support and welfare which is, in fact, encouraging the collapse of families, a lack of personal responsibility and has created a culture of dependency. And no one can even speak out due to extreme political correctness. Again, there is not a shred of common sense, understanding or real leadership from any black "leader" including the irresponsible Obama.  All of the rest of black leaders are race hustlers, liars, extortionists or criminals.  Expect the decline and devolution to continue and their burden to the country to worsen.

Japan allows no immigration and has intentionally chosen to remain a completely homogeneous culture.  A homogeneous society is a peaceful one where the population has no complaints and no resentments of lesser-performing minorities. The West needs to learn this lesson.

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