Monday, December 12, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson Exposes Democratic Party Post-Election Hysteria

"The left is willing to risk civil war in America & nuclear war with Russia because they're butt-hurt about losing.

Let that sink in."  (If the video doesn't play, here's the link).

There is zero evidence that Russia hacked anything related to the election itself or even the Wikileaks. They couldn't have hacked the election "machines" as those machines are not connected to the Internet.

The Democrats have gone completely insane and have initiated a McCarthy-esque witch hunt to vilify and/or disrupt Trump's solid electoral victory. These people have lost their collective minds.

Democrats are apoplectic that a foreign government might interfere with public opinion during the election season,  

But they, as usual, have no intellectual consistency when they cry over foreign influence but "had no objection whatsoever to Saudi Arabia bankrolling Hillary's campaign. They had no problem taking all that George Soro's money, did they?  They had no problem with the Obama State Department overthrowing the government of Ukraine. They had no problem with Obama interfering in the U.K.'s referendum on leaving the EU (which backfired spectacularly)."

The Obama/Hillary Left is completely and utterly unfit to govern anything or even themselves! We're seeing the end of sanity and the Democratic Party itself. It might also mean an end to America. How can this country prevail with such a large portion of the population afflicted with mental problems, willful ignorance and utterly lacking logical and intellectual capabilities?

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Anonymous said...

What makes no sense is that the democrats put forth such terrible choices in Hillary and Bernie. If Bernie had any credibility it was completely lost when he fell in line behind Hillary after his defeat at the hand's of his own corrupt party. Now we are having to endure recounts and the ridiculous idea that the Russian's swayed the election. Of course, the MSM is once again using the false message saying most Americans are concerned that the Russians may have been involved in the election process. Not true. Just as most Americans did not want anything to do with Hillary or the direction the democrats wanted to move this country in. The MSM continues using falsehoods and distortions because they won't let go of trying to convince Americans of their dying reality.