Friday, December 22, 2017

Leftism On The Run In Latin America and EU

Angela Merkel was never elected by a majority of Germans---she has only been elected by a plurality. Despite this, she has dictated policy to member states like she was a tyrant. For example, no member state was allowed to vote regarding the mass Muslim migration policy disaster.

Leftists don't like Democracy because the people will eventually vote you out. Voters recently voted Merkel's party out of power. Her SPD party's support has collapsed in the recent election and Merkel is groveling to somehow stay in power. It's unlikely she'll survive. She SHOULDN'T survive.

Right-wing or Center-Right parties and their candidates have recently won elections in Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary---all vowing to turn away illegal migrants and fight the EU. THEIR governments truly represent the people, NOT the EU.

Leftists don't permit any dissent either. The EU is going after Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic with legal measures to punish their conservative governments that refuse to take any illegal Muslim migrants. These countries weren't given a choice! There is no democracy in Europe! Now Poland is being targeted with the harshest of sanctions for exercising good judgement and following the will of the Polish people.  The EU doesn't give a damn about Polish people!

Only Hungary and Poland have completely escaped the rash of Muslim murders afflicting all the other countries. They were entirely correct to keep these people out.  Such stark truth has to be stifled!!

Orwell's 1984 is in full effect in Europe. Truth telling is now prosecuted. Any politician like LePen and Girt Wilders are prosecuted to force them from politics altogether.  What an incredible shame. It's really criminal.

Britain voted to leave the EU altogether and the EU is determined to punish them harshly. The loss of sovereignty to the EU was the reason. Brexit voters rejected Germany's insane migration power grab, rejected excessive EU regulations and the overruling of British court/law by European courts in Brussels.  It was all too much.

And now the EU wants to punish Britain to make an example. The EU doesn't want any other country think that they can escape their stifling Socialist "paradise" without huge consequences.  But escape they will or they will all go down together. It is widely known that the population of Greece wants to leave the EU. Their people's will has been completely denied by every politician.

Tonight, Catalonia's independence movement won a narrow majority in election results. This is another direct challenge to the dictatorial and pro-EU Prime Minister Rajoy who recently used military force to rough-up little old ladies who had the temerity of showing-up for mass street protests in Catalonia.  

In Italy, the center-right coalition of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is now on the road to a major come-back gathering 36% of the polls, which is the strongest political party in Italy right now. The second party in line is also the anti-Euro Five-Star movement coming in at 28.2%.

If the polls are correct and the election took place in Italy today, 64.2% of the people would vote AGAINST the EU.

In recent weeks, even Corsica elected a an anti-EU politician as President.

Latin America

After the disastrous Christina De Kirchner, Argentina elected a sensible center-right party led by Macri. Argentina has been suffering from 100 years of failure by a constant stream of Leftist and/or Socialist politicians. The people of Argentina never learn. And they

Maybe they'll learn after they suffer the starvation, extreme poverty, hyperinflation and collapse brought by the scumbag Leftists called Hugo Chavez and Maduro??  They won't.

The political right recently won the Presidency of Chile on Sunday, December 16th. The Leftists in Brazil were swept from power after the impeachment of Dilma Rouseff last year.  Evo Morales of Ecuador is facing sharp criticism for his run for a 4th term as President despite a referendum passed by the people which forbids him from running. Leftists are desperate for power. Evo wants to be President for life like so many Leftist scumbags.

The reason for all the retreat of Leftist politicians in the West is that world economies are falling apart due to poor policies, declining freedoms, excessive bureaucracy, excessive corruption, excessive central planning and excessive regulation.

In short, the world is rejecting the Hillary Clinton's and Obama's of the world because they have only brought failure and stagnation.  That's why Trump won in the US and the political reaction and the trend that he represents is accelerating.

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