Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Marxist Democrats Have Torn This Nation Apart

Martin Armstrong traces the origins of class warfare to Karl Marx,
The reason that I call the Left Marxist is that this is where the class warfare begins. This philosophy did far more than simply invoke class warfare. It instigated the entire belief that government could manage the economy and eliminate the business cycle. John Maynard Keynes also followed that segment of Marx taking the position that government could control the business cycle. Therefore, both Marx and Keynes shared a common belief that the government could eliminate the business cycle. Towards the end of Keynes’ life, he relented that he had fought against the business cycle and Smith’s Invisible Hand, and came to realize he was wrong.
After Trump's miraculous victory over the outrageously corrupt Hillary Clinton's cartel with her near-universal "connections" forged by influence peddling bribe payments in return for future favors and access, we've seen 1/2 of this nation in a state of near insanity. Many call it "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

The Clinton-allied media outlets have lost their minds and the entire MSM establishment have turned into even WORSE liars and propagandists than during the campaign season! They lie non-stop and denigrate the Trump administration & flat-out refuse to report on any of the numerous positive accomplishments of the administration. In fact, any positive accomplishment from the Trump administration REALLY incenses these idiots.  This is a clue to why these people are living in an alternative universe: they thought everything was going great under Obama/Hillary!

It's because 1/2 of the nation has been been told nothing but lies for many, many years and subject to non-stop propaganda and lies from the Obama administration and the main street media corporations. Everyone has been told how great things are. Even Janet Yellen says "everything's great." Nobody has been telling the truth for decades. Now and during the campaign, when Trump and his supporters bitterly complained about the state of the nation, the 1/2 of of the nation who have swallowed the lies and otherwise unable to see the truth, are seriously confused and even angry. They want to kill the messenger!  They say the messenger is the liar!  Everything was good under Obama and Hillary, right?


The government has been understating inflation for years which has been overstating real GDP (since higher inflation in the denominator reduces the GDP number). Obama's average GDP growth was poor about 1.8%. Given that inflation was actually closer to 4%, not 2%, real GDP was about ZERO for the PAST DECADE.  Obama bragged that the economy and employment is so good.  But the truth is that was not good.

Speaking of GDP, US Federal debt doubled in the past 10 years to "prop-up" the weak economy. $10 Tiillion of debt-fueled spending is counted as "GDP." So, it's boosting GDP.  Ten trillion dollars of debt-funded spending and under-reported inflation has masked near-recessionary conditions.

Debt-Fueled Spending Has Masked Depression in America for a Decade

Instead, Democrats have been fed numerous false memes. One is that America is an evil place that we should we should be ashamed of. Obviously that's not true, but Democrats believe this crap. They are told that only more government creates jobs which is total bullshit. Police officers are assumed to be outrageously racist. But statistics support none of that. Blacks are told that they are "being held backs by whites" but there's not an ounce of truth to this. Only Blacks are holding back Blacks.

The Obama economy never generated enough jobs to keep up with population growth, so the labor force participation rate has declined to a 45 year low. Into this crappy job market, Obama opened the floodgates of poor and poorly educated Central American peasants into this country despite there were few jobs for them. AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT SECURING VOTES FOR DEMOCRATS. It was a massive fraud on the American people the way they surreptitiously bused these illegals to places far and wide across the country under the cover of night.

For Obama and Hillary, what was best for the country was never of primary concern.  Marxist Demon_crats like Obama and Hillary have intentionally sown discord, promoted victim-hood, failed to help the economy and vilified the true heart of this country, the Deplorables, ie., White and Christian persons.

No wonder they (deranged Democrats) are literally screaming at the moon in frustration as Trump moves to fix all of the problems created or perpetuated by Obama and Hillary.  Slowly long-standing fraud and lies are being revealed to everyone.

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