Saturday, July 18, 2020

Smithsonian: The Problems of Whiteness (The Real Problem is Blackness)

National Museum of African American History and Culture, DC
Check out the astonishing graphic below, describing the apparent "problems with whiteness." It's from the National Museum of African American History and Culture, a part of the Smithsonian Institute in D.C.

According to Smithsonian, aspects of "whiteness" includes individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, and respect for authority and delayed gratification. (Oh, the horrors!!) Also, the primacy of Western (Greek, Roman) and Judeo-Christian tradition are apparently signs of an ominous "whiteness." ”Holidays are “based on Christian religions" (I guess Kwanzaa and voodoo are preferable?)

Let's talk about the real problems of Blackness. Well we can start with CHAZ for recent inspiration about "blackness" and the reality of black "culture." Led by Solomon Simone, a Muslim-inspired black separatist, he wanted to create his version of black cultural utopia in a 6 block area in downtown Seattle. Virtually overnight, thuggery, theft (not work), shootings, murder, violence, property crime, disorder and chaos, idiocy took over. Within a week, CHAZ was disbanded as killings and thuggery exploded and threats were made to occupy Seattle mayor's opulent $7 million mansion where she lived with her Lesbian wife. (God help us all.)

Outside of CHAZ, add derelict fathers, exploding STDs and low life expectancy to the list. Blackness is really an "un-culture" like ISIS or the Taliban. South Africa is descending into madness and chaos under black rule and they are now committing genocide against white persons there. This is BLACKNESS.

Just like in Africa today, the CHAZ idiots claimed to be autonomous, but blacks are rarely able to build any high level civilization that one would find in Seattle. The CHAZ idiots would not be able to:
  • generate and distribute reliable electric power, 
  • build a potable water systems, 
  • organize agriculture and food manufacturing, storage and distribution
  • engineer sewage collection and treatment plants, 
  • engineer durable roads, telephone lines and systems, cable TV systems
  • build and maintain high levels of housing, 
  • build any or organize any kind of stable local governance or rule of law
Blackness is un-culture. Black music in the US shows a horrifying lack of culture and even music!, In Africa, one can't drink the water (if there IS any water) and people shit on the streets in Senegal. These people only ruin everything. In Africa or in any majority black country, nothing works. There is no black culture, it's just endless chaos: slums, disorder, gangs, thuggery, drug dealing, violence, stupidity, murder and shaming the responsible blacks as "uncle toms" or too "white." I will never forget the time I saw Whitney Houston appear on Soul Train after the success of her movie "The Bodyguard" and hit singles, and she was booed by a fairly large portion of the audience!  She be too white!  BLACKNESS is the real problem, not whiteness. It's just pure chaos and un-culture.

Despite overwhelming evidence that they can't take care of themselves, there remains a large minority of black people in America who want to create a separate and black "culture." Blacks live in a subsidized state of "custodial care" in America, courtesy of our dwindling white culture.  Maybe the US government should just withdraw all of the various welfare and income support programs, since they are so "equal?"

What a friggin' joke! Worse, it was written by a Jewish white lady Judith Katz.  It's literally totally upside down; where bad is good, good is bad.
Judith Katz

There's literally no hope for many (most?) African Americans in this country. They really want a different culture that is completely outside US history and heritage. But their idea of culture is actually "un-culture." It's really just madness with chaos. It is totally irreconcilable.  This country should seriously consider programs to relocate any/all of the disaffected blacks along with their "whiteness" consultants to Africa on a permanent basis: one-way tickets and revoking US Passports. No coming back.

There's a long history of separatists in black history, even after the US fixed "segregation" and pretty horrific discrimination. Now, after the US elected a black president twice gaining the support of a large swath of white America, they still want a separate "culture."They want to resegregate! Everyone does actually.

The largest number of hate groups in the US are black separatists. From J.H. Kunstler on his blogsite entitled "History Lesson:"  
"Not everybody believed in Dr. King’s non-violence, and not everybody was so sure about full participation in American life. Altogether, Black America remained ambivalent and anxious about all that. That full participation implied a challenge to compete on common ground [Doug here: they can't compete on common ground]. What if it didn’t work out? An alternate view emerged, personified first by Malcolm X, who called MLK an “Uncle Tom,” and then by the younger generation, Stokely Carmichael, the Black Panthers and others retailing various brands of Black Power, Black Nationalism, and Black Separatism. It amounted, for some, in declining that invitation to participate fully in American life a “No thanks. We’ll go our own way.” That sentiment has prevailed ever since."
But they are unable to go their own way with or without financial support from Whitey. If allowed to "go their own way," and they descend into chaos and murder, like most black cities have, then they complain about "RACISM!!!" They literally can't build up ANYTHING. They only destroy. I'm generalizing but you get my point. There are good and even great black persons in this country; the black "silent majority."

Worse than that, we now have both black AND white "niggers." There is a sizeable minority of young, brainwashed whites who are now so full of shit and ignorance that they should now be classified "white niggers." We saw them at CHAZ. White niggers love black "music" and think that black "culture" and rap "music" are very cool. They WANT to be black! They have no friggin idea!! Delusions, misinformation and falsehoods abound in this country.

Here are some of the supporters of the Smithsonian bullshit. From Byran York at the NY Post: "York noted that the DC museum, one of the most successful in the Smithsonian system, gets $33 million in federal funding and has been supported by “the Lilly Endowment, the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, American Express, Bank of America, 3M, Boeing, Michael Jordan, Kaiser Permanente, the Rockefeller Foundation, Target, UnitedHealth, Walmart, and many more."


fknstr said...

Doug, great article. Seems the ashkeNAZI's are in full swing. Nothing and no one, except a few dedicated White People, such as yourself and some others, who dare speak out. Grateful that you do. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Doug, this is eye opening, but not a surprise. I do think that it's not a color issue, but what I call "urban victim shit." In other words, people of all races, religions, etc. who decide that shithole cities are desirable places to live, because they are lazy and want service providers and tradesmen to do their dirty work, while they do nothing but sit in an office and stare at their phones. I'm generalizing, too, but it's as bad with ignorant, lazy whites as it is with any other race. Universities have a large share of the blame: overblown salaries, enormously expensive brick and mortar, delivering a sense of entitlement to children, institutionalizing white guilt, standing so high on the academic moral high ground it's hard for them to breathe, and offering ridiculously generic garbage degrees. They are bad stewards of mommy and daddy's money. Often, the really smart kids go into blue collar work or the military (my route) in order to just get away from this cohort. Kurt Schlichter's novels have called it right throughout the four-book series. I really think (hope!) the split is coming.

Anonymous said...

You liberal scum bags always use that lame pathetic
excuse ("we all bleed the same') sorry buddy faggot
but that's not going to cut it this time. apes like gorillas
bonobo's,chimps bleed the same too but that doesn't mean
they are just like us now isn't that right same applies to black

Anonymous said...

You know you don't hear about it very often, if ever, but way back when the president was a guy named James Monroe (pres.#5), about 200 years ago, there was an effort to resettle black people who wished, not forced, to return to Africa. Financial support for it came from state and federal government and churches. It took quite a bit of effort and several years to purchase some land, but eventually a new country was established, the country of Liberia. Its capital city is called Monrovia. Between 1821 and 1867 some 10,000 black Americans, along with several thousand Africans from interdicted slave ships, were resettled to Liberia.

Why was this done? Because there was a large percentage of the population at that time who believed blacks could not be integrated into white America. It is also interesting that many of the American black people who resettled in Liberia enslaved the local population. Is that racist? Do blacks really hate slavery, or are they just using it in America to cause white guilt and extort more money and benefits from whites?

If you have never seen images of Liberia, there are some documentary style videos on You tube; it is insightful but also repugnant and horrific to see what those people have done with that opportunity.