Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Expect Aid to Egyptian Brotherhood to Go Forward

Hate Speech From Morsi in Egypt

Earlier this month, remarks from Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi have been widely reported referring to Israelis as “bloodsuckers” and “the descendants of apes and pigs,” in addition to calling President Barack Obama a liar.  Fox News today tells of a top aide to Morsi claiming the
Holocaust a hoax cooked up by U.S. intelligence operatives and claimed the 6 million Jews who were killed by Nazis simply moved to the U.S.
The outrageous claims, by Fathi Shihab-Eddim, a senior figure close to President Morsi who is now responsible for appointing the editors of all state-run Egyptian newspapers, came as the world marked Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27, and also as the U.S. continues to assess its relationship with the increasingly radical Arab state.
“The myth of the Holocaust is an industry that America invented,” Shihab-Eddim said, leaving no room for doubt that the Egyptian government -- like Iran's -- has at the very least significant elements that deny one of history's best documented genocides.

Egyptian Family Imprisoned for Converting to Christianity

This follows a report on January 22nd that a family was imprisoned in Egypt for converting to Christianity.  This is a bit surprising because the Koran and many Muslims believe in killing people that renounce Islam, so it's nice to know that they are at least alive!  The family was imprisoned as well as anyone that helped them change their identity and place of residence (yes, they had to go into hiding and into a"witness protection" program---so deep were there convictions).  Christians have faced intense persecution since the so-called and mis-labeled "Arab Spring".  Coptic Christians in Egypt have faced continued persecution since the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood (of Hate).  

Hey, it's in the Koran to wipe out Christians or other non-Islamic persons. You still think only "radical" Islam is the problem for the world??  ALL of Islam is a problem for the world.

Expect Billions in Military Aid to be Delivered

Meanwhile Hillary is taking victory laps in the talk shows.  And expect this administration and Congress to send billions in aid to these idiots in Egypt.  Word on January 22nd Fox News story that an aid package is on schedule to be delivered to these idiot haters.  In that article, Malou Innocent with the Cato Institute was quoted as follows:
"U.S. aid accounts for as much as 80% of the Egyptian Defense Ministry’s weapons procurement costs... In essence, American taxpayers have been Egypt’s major arms supplier, subsidizing the supply of F-16 jet fighters, M1A1 Abrams battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, Apache helicopters, and hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus military equipment."
I say, cut off the aid.    When will we ever call for responsibility and accountability?  They'll get the message clearly if we cut them off!   Oh sorry, I forget.  Truth, respect for Christians being persecuted, responsibility and accountability are secondary to defense company profits and their lobbyists in Washington DC. Do we believe in any principles anymore? I think there's a need for another revolution in Egypt.

Strategically,  the Russians might step back in to support Egypt if we don't and the Suez Canal does run through Egypt.  But so what?  Besides, F-16s and tanks can only be used to fight Israel and suppress the people of Egypt.  Still, If you can't cut this out of the budget, you'll never cut anything!  Nothing will ever be cut!  I guess it's poetic justice that the aid we send Egypt will be financed with deficit spending and borrowed from China!?!  

Oh, and why we're at it,  cut off the aid to the Palestinians.

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