Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Administration Insults the UK Again!

Is there anyone in this administration with any brains?  For over 4 years now, we've continued to see the Obama maladministration throw our long-time allies under the bus only to rewrite history in favor of new "allies."

The latest example is the State Department giving a shameful response to a question about the overwhelming results of a recent referendum by the residents of the Falkland Islands on whether or not to remain a British Territory.  The vote was virtually unanimously in favor (over 99%) to remain a British Territory.  This doesn't seem to phase the silly tw*t at the microphone in all of her idiotic legalese.  Never has it been so obvious that education and degrees are no guarantee of common sense or any understanding of history.  Degrees and government employment is obviously not real-world experience. Usually it's Obama who's the most obvious "educated" idiot, but here it is Ms. Nuland, State Dept.spokesperson.  This press conference is a diplomatic disaster!  Here's the State Department spokesman video on March 12, 2013 (you just need to hear the first minute or two):

Now, Argentina suddenly has standing with this administration with regard to their position on the Falklands?  How absurd is that?    Here's a bit of a history lesson from Nile Gardiner at the The Telegraph (also a link from the Heritage Foundation):
Britain has in fact held sovereignty over the Islands since 1765, and has had a permanent settlement since 1833. Many of the Falklands’ British inhabitants have lived there for generations.  
Nuland, whose knowledge of Falklands history appears to be non-existent, flat out refuses to acknowledge that the Falkland Islanders have a right to self-determination, which amounts to a blatant policy of appeasement of the Kirchner regime in Buenos Aires. She completely ignores the fact that Argentina’s government has resorted to threats and intimidation against the Falkland Islanders, with foreign minister Hector Timerman even declaring that the Falkland Islanders do not exist”.
So, this administration is siding with the thieving, disingenuous and lying de Kirchner instead of the UK??  Is this for real?  It is for real and virtually insane. I guess we now admire and support socialist administrations who re-write history, steal pension money and foreign assets, ruin their economies and use false claims of sovereignty to divert popular attention from their own disastrous administrations???

This is how you create war:  make statements that our 'enemies' interpret as weakness which emboldens them.

Barack Obama has remained the most anti-British President in my lifetime

Barack Obama has remained the most anti-British President in my lifetime.  Nile Gardiner's agrees and the following is from his earlier Telegraph blog post on the Barack Obama's Top Ten Insults Against the UK.  It's a good read and includes the following points:

  1. Siding with Argentina regarding the Falklands
  2. Calling France the strongest historical ally (what a joke! Talk about revisionist history!!)
  3. Lecturing Britain on Federalist Europe and Undercutting UK Sovereignty
  4. Betraying Britain to appease Moscow 
  5. Airbrushing Britain from Europe
  6. Throwing Churchill out of the Oval Office
  7. Placing a boot on the throat of British Petroleum
  8. DVDs for the Prime Minister
  9. Insulting Words from the State Department
  10. Confusing England with Britain 

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