Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blaming Race is Just An Excuse Now

The only widespread racism that I'm seeing regarding the Zimmerman trial is from black people---not white people.  After all, it was TRAYVON who called Zimmerman a "creepy-ass cracker."   Zimmerman never made such a comment.

The black race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Quanell X are trying to play the race card that mostly doesn't exist anymore. They are the only racists now.

Large majorities of white Americans are not racist.  Barack Obama was elected, after all, by comfortable margins.  I think that proves the point to a great extent. Our culture has been bending over backward to give black people a fair shake and this has been true for decades now.  

To Avoid Admitting Failure, Blame Others

So why do blacks continue to protest white racism that doesn't really exist anymore?

Playing the race card is just an excuse to avoid recognizing their own failures. And recognizing our failures is the first step toward a solution. That goes for everyone.

Blacks in America remind me of the Palestinians. Both cling to role of playing victim.  Both groups are relatively incompetent in creating a successful community for themselves. (Just look at the plight of Detroit for example. See my Blog: Detroit, Obama and African American Failure)  But rather than face that unpleasant reality, they blame others.  The Palestinians, for example, can't make peace with Israel because the only thing they know how to do is to be a victim (and collect foreign subsidies).  Without racism, black Americans would have to face up to the true responsibility for their plight: themselves!  They can't!!  Without blaming race, there's no excuses anymore and that's intolerably real.

Profiling is Not Racism

The FBI interviewed dozens of people regarding racism in the Zimmerman trial and didn't find any.  The Zimmerman trial was not really about racism even though black people, including the President, want to make it such.

Black people complain about 'profiling' as racist, but it's not.  The truth is that this country has a huge problem with criminality in young black men and black men in general.  Young black men are prone to be criminals at rate at least 6 times more often than whites.  For example, some 11.4% of the entire black male youth population (aged 20 to 34) is in prison vs. 1.8% for whites. Furthermore, 37% of young black men (aged 20 to 34), without a high school diploma, are in prison.  One in nine black men is in prison at this very moment.  This isn't racist, it's just the facts.

You could say that Zimmerman "profiled" Trayvon, but that's just another way of saying that he had a logical and reality-based opinion about the likelihood of young black men being criminal.  You'd have to be an idiot to ignore those facts.

Prejudice doesn't mean that can't have reality-based opinions about a group--even if it's a negative opinion.  Prejudice only means that you are unable to give an individual a chance due to these attitudes.  But most people that I know, including myself, are delighted to meet nice, responsible black folks who are succeeding in life and lifting themselves up.  Nearly all of us have to lift ourselves from nothing.  But I avoid passing black men in the street at night!  Most do!

Trayvon's townhouse community had a major crime problem that, if it is like most communities, was perpetrated by black men way out of proportion to their share of the general population.  So my message to black people is: "if you don't want people to have a bad opinion of you, or to 'profile' you, then clean up your act!!   Of course people profile you!  It's a perfectly logical thing!. Your reputation is in tatters!  People, get your shit together!  Don't heap blame on anyone else but yourself!"  

Possible Solutions to Enhance Education

Racism is just an excuse to blame others.. The real problem, that doesn't really have a fix, is that blacks, as a population, have fairly low IQs which puts the bottom 50% of their population at a serious disadvantage compared to other groups.  This isn't racism, it's just a fair, reality-based assessment.

The real question is, as a society, what do we do with the mentally deficient and severely deficient?   I've thought that there should two educational tracks at the secondary school level:  one track leading to college (our typical high school) and a "vocational" high school that just teaches basic life skills and vocational training: parenting, word processing, bookkeeping, electrician, plumbing, cabinetry, etc.  A lot of these people end up in the US military.  The US military knows how to assess, modify attitudes in boot camp to impose discipline and train people very well.  Another group of the mentally deficient are now on SSDI (social security disability) for mental 'disorders." 

Maybe we should have one year mandatory military service for high school drop-outs?

Pointing to "unjust" trial results doesn't help anything.  It wasn't unjust.  Blaming white people doesn't help.  Having a falsely "entitled" attitude doesn't help.  Playing a race card when racsim is basically finished doesn't help.  Obama and Holder aren't helping either.  On the contrary, continuing to persecute Zimmerman is itself racist and the biggest racists are the Al Sharpton's and Eric Holder's of the world.

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