Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egyptians Angry at Obama and Ambassador Patterson: Major Media Lets You Down Again

Egypt is once again on the verge of total disaster.  You'd be surprised how many Egyptians are angry at Obama and Ambassador Patterson and blame them for not speaking up and "pushing back" at the various power grabs by the Brotherhood. 

The Muslim Brotherhood was always going to be a disaster. They are just another force of tyranny: Islamic tyranny.  I doubt that they fairly won the elections, but I don't know.  We were quick to throw Mubarak under the bus (it was always a lose-lose situation) which has led to an even worse situation, especially if you're a Christian in Egypt. 

Here's a plausible explanation of why Egyptians feel betrayed.  From Jeffrey Goldberg in Bloomberg:
The charges against Patterson and the Obama administration are simple: They have enabled Mursi by refusing to pressure him to bring other parties into his governing coalition, by soft-pedaling his various power grabs, by ignoring the complaints of liberals and by cozying up to his patrons in the Muslim Brotherhood.
But Patterson’s critics aren’t upset that she talks to the government. They’re upset by what she says when she does talk. She has issued only the mildest condemnations of Mursi’s various attempts to seize absolute power, and she has been criticized for talking to opposition forces only intermittently. She clearly underestimated the size and ferocity of the anti-Mursi forces, and said in her speech that she was “deeply skeptical” that the protests would achieve their goal. I’m sure, though, that the sight of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians in the streets of Cairo condemning the president has educated her on the potency of the opposition.
The primary themes of Obama's foreign policy are weakness, a blindness and a ridiculous "political correctness"regarding the reality of Islamic fascism, appeasement of enemies, alienating our traditional allies,  lack of principles/values, an ignorance of what our country stands for, an inability to leverage US influence in favor of cherished American values and even cow towing in the face of rising tyranny.   All of these themes lead to war or disaster.  

This is what happens when you don't have and apply any values and beliefs:  See my blog: Principled Conservatism Can Save This Country--Not Liberalism

Oh, and the Media won't show you the pictures below. No one in the big media can insult our emperor who has no clothes.

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