Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Holder, Stop the 'Witch Hunt' Against Zimmerman

Our idiot Attorney General, who is still in contempt of Congress for not honoring a subpoena from Congress to provide "fast and furious" documents to Congress, apparently doesn't trust the very Judicial system that he's supposedly in charge of when he continues to question the verdict in the Zimmerman case.  He's vowed to bring Federal charges against Zimmerman.  It's not going to happen. There is no case. 

The FBI itself has confirmed that race wasn't a factor.  One of the jurists has confirmed that race wasn't a factor.

People like Obama and Holder and all of black apologist celebrities and "black racist leaders" are making me a racist!  How much idiocy can one person stand??

Far too many of these black (and white) people are idiots, and I do include a LARGE portion of the African American population; who don't seem to understand the concept of self-defense in this case and have fallen prey (again) to false media narratives which now includes  the "innocent little unarmed black boy" named Trayvon.  Trayvon was hardly innocent, not really unarmed (he had fists) nor a little boy.  These people are always wrong about nearly everything.  There is a huge lack of intellectual capability evident.  It helps to explain the sorry state of the African American community. The intellectual vacuum extends all the way to the top offices of this land; to include Obama and Holder!  These guys are now linking this case and verdict to gun control and second guessing state's with "stand your ground" statutes. States are allowed to pass these laws. Gun control is not the issue here.

What we found out is that is Trayvon is, in all likelihood, another troubled black teen who very well might have been up to no good as George thought. I've mentioned that 12% of young blacks from 20 to 34 are in prison at this very moment.   37% of black young people aged 20 to 34, who have dropped out of high school,  are now in prison.

Holder himself is arguably another criminal.  He signed warrants to go after James Rosen from Fox News and an unknown number of journalists. He's been stone-walling on Fast and Furious.  He's perjured himself in testimony on the warrant against AP reporters.  He uses the US Constitution like it's toilet paper. Now, he thinks he can question the rights of states to pass 'stand your ground' legislation?  Worse, he wants to continue to persecute George Zimmerman, who has been found not guilty of all counts in his politically-motivated trial---a trial that would not have happened if it were not for race baiters who inhabit the highest offices in this land.   It's enough to make you want to bring back tar and feathering.  It's exactly what's called for.

From Breitbart, here's a quote from Robert Zimmerman (brother of George) calling Holder's recent comments about the Federal Government bringing suit against his brother George as a "witch hunt": 
In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Robert labeled the effort a “witch hunt,” asking, “How many other individuals has the DOJ witch-hunted in this way? I think that the state of FL when they embarked on their malicious prosecution of George would have liked nothing more than for he FBI to uncover any sign of racism that could be attributed to George. The FBI interviewed three dozen people who were close to George for any indication that George was a racist or had racist tendencies. What their investigation revealed thus far is that quite the opposite is true.

“Political persecution has reached a dimension unforeseen by many,” Robert Zimmerman continued. “It is inconceivable that high-ranking officials would endorse this kind of behavior. It is profoundly disserving that they facilitate it. I would remind the Department of Justice that a verdict has been reached in this case, and that the reputation of Sanford, Florida and the trust of the people of Sanford, Florida in regards to their law enforcement agencies is more important than continuing politically motivated and race-tinged assaults on an innocent man’s character.”
Thanks Robert for stating the plain truth.  If you weren't racist before, with the nation in the hands of idiots, you might become one before long.

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