Friday, July 5, 2013

ObamaCare Zombie Staggers Forward

Obama has decided, by his newly invented fiat power to selectively enforce or not enforce laws, that he will delay until 2015 (or whatever) the Unaffordable Care Act's employer mandate to provide insurance.

He must have heard from thousands of small businesses and read my blog ObamaCare Is Killing Jobs: Obama Doesn't Get It.   Heck, the law is so complex, that not only can businesses not afford it, but I'll bet that they can't even figure out how to implement it.  See my blog: ObamaCare's Administrative Nightmare.

So, now small businesses don't have to provide insurance to comply with the law (yet).  But the individual mandate remains; meaning that now you must buy the mandated expensive insurance options yourself or face a (small) penalty.  How is that going to work? 

Situation Normal, All Fouled Up

Remember, the 1000s of waivers of "relief" for connected special interests?  Many of these were in Pelosi's district.  I'm sure that guarantees of political "donations" were required to get a waiver.  Just how is that "rule of law?"  It's more like rule of crony-ism in addition to rule of fiat or whim.  (I'd like to know how many waivers were given in Kathleen Sebelius' district??)  Isn't every waiver an admission that the law is flawed? 

Then the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a key provision requiring States to expand Medicaid and incur the additional costs.  So, about half the states have refused to do so leaving it up to the Feds to create the insurance exchanges. 

Oh, and the State's health care exchanges won't be ready either.  I guess 3 1/2 years since the law's inception wasn't enough.

More recently we finally began to hear about the much-higher-than-expected costs of coverage, news of which was delayed until AFTER the 2012 election thanks to your wonderful Media outlets; whose job it is to protect and promote our Emperor (whose has no clothes).  Expect costs to go only up.

Since they are central to the enforcement of the law, the IRS scandal has now raised serious doubt whether they can be trusted to impartially implement the law. 

The Zombie Marches Forward

I'm shamelessly borrowing from John Hayward at Human Events using his description of ObamaCare as a zombie moving forward despite losing limbs and other body parts...
ObamaCare has been falling apart since the moment it was passed. All those hasty backroom deals and special kickbacks during the chaotic and secretive passage of the bill were concessions that its central premises were flawed. It had to be mutated in a thousand different ways before it could ooze out of Congress and afflict the rest of us.

If that's not enough chaos, the medical device tax is in doubt.  From the same John Hayward article:
Another controversial ObamaCare funding mechanism is the medical device excise tax, which is poised to deliver a $30 billion knockout blow to the people who make all that lovely equipment doctors use. ObamaCare has tons of money to spend on spreading propaganda, hiring bureaucrats, and beefing up the IRS, while actual doctors and their supporting industries are mercilessly shaken down for cash. There’s a strong movement to repeal this onerous tax...

No, You Can't Keep Your Existing Coverage

Personally, I just got a notice from Aetna saying that my individual policy will no longer comply with ObamaCare's requirements.  I will be forced to upgrade my coverage and increasing my costs by ObamaCare whether I want it or not!  I was happy before, not now.

My "impermissible" policy is a policy that only covers only hospitalization and ambulance transport but has a fairly low deductible.  The policy doesn't cover doctor's visits, out-patient procedures or even prescriptions.  I bought the policy to keep my monthly cost low but mainly to cover myself against financial calamity (the true nature of insurance) caused by a hospital stay due to a serious condition.  I was OK with the cost but even the cost of this type of policy has more than doubled since Obama started his "crusade." 

False Promises and Lies From Obama and Democrats

So all of the promises to "sell" the law are lies:   It doesn't reduce medical costs.  You can NOT keep your preferred coverage. You won't love it when you find out what's in it.  It will increase the deficit.  AND all of your medical information may very well be abused by various Federal bureaucracies once it's in a national database. They have, afterall, proven themselves SO VERY trustworthy!

It's time to put a bullet through the head of the Zombie to kill it.  Everything about the law is screwed up which reflects the individuals and bureaucracy which created it.  And remember, nearly no Republican voted for it.

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