Monday, August 19, 2013

Congress Exempts Staffers from ObamaCare

When ObamaCare was passed into law, Chuck Grassley managed to get an amendment passed which required Congressmen and their staffers to be covered under the ObamaCare law. The amendment passed and therefore became law.  From SFGate, Grassley said at the time that:
"It's only fair and logical that administration leaders and congressional staff, who fought so hard to overhaul America's health care system, experience it for themselves. If the reforms are as good as promised, then they'll know it firsthand. If there are problems, public officials will be in a position to really understand the problems, as they should."
Commonsense right? But we increasingly don't live with a lawful government. What laws say apparently doesn't mean much anymore.

Kathleen Sebelius and Obama, immediately after the law was passed, have unlawfully issued some 1470 waivers to various corporations to exempt them from the requirements of the law.  Obama recently, and unlawfully, waived income-verification for purposes of determining government (taxpayer) subsidies--meaning the government will give away "free money" to anyone and everyone to get them into the program!  (How can you refuse?) Then, despite what the law says, Obama has delayed the unpopular requirement that businesses provide healthcare to their employees. (Never mind that this is the key feature of the law)

Now, Congress has also skirted the law by exempting their 11,000 staffers from ObamaCare coverage by using an administrative "trick."  Everyone in Congress has had "Cadillac" coverage that is already subsidized by taxpayers.  Thanks to the Obama administration, Congress itself will now also continue to get a significant subsidy from the taxpayers to pay for their ObamaCare premiums even though they make $174,000 per year (in order to avoid a pay cut).  It must be nice, huh?  I don't recall $174K per year as being anywhere near the poverty levels that trigger ObamaCare subsidies?  The required income levels have been unilaterally waived by Emporer Obama.  Apparently it doesn't matter what the law says.

Apparently what's good for goose is not good for the gander.  Congress can wiggle away from their own handiwork but the American people can't.

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