Thursday, August 1, 2013

US Heart Bypass is 70 Times More Expensive Than in India

ObamaCare is on track to further ruin, not reform, the US medical system. No real effort has been made to reduce costs (See my blog Ideas to Reduce Medical Costs), doctors will flee the industry,  the AMA continues to restrict the number (supply) of medical students/doctors, US drug companies are shielded from competition from low cost world-wide providers, hospitals "make up" pricing based on nothing and the law sanctifies drug and hospital companies "cartel" status. 

In other countries, there are serious efforts to reduce medical costs. From Bloomberg, meet Devi Shetty, a cardiologist and entrepreneur, who has opened some 21 medical clinics in India, has reduced the cost of heart bypass procedures to $1,521 and aims for $800 in the years ahead.  The same procedure in the US costs up to $150,000.

Heart Bypass Operation In India is 70 Times Cheaper

From Zero Hedge is a graph comparing various costs of heart bypass surgery.  They wouldn't dare put the cost of such a procedure in Thailand, because it probably would be much lower still. (click image to enlarge)

Cost of Appendectomy in US is 4 Times Higher Than Europe

Zero Hedge also had an article about the cost of an appendectomy comparing the the US to some European countries.  The average cost of an appendectomy in the US is about 4 to 5 times the cost of that same procedure in Europe.  Interestingly, the cost of an appendectomy in Thailand, done at the most expensive hospital in Bangkok (Bumrungrad) costs about the same as in Europe.  Have a look at US costs and those in Europe:

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