Saturday, December 21, 2013

Political Correctness Is Speech Censorship

There's a saying that "in the heart of every progressive liberal, a totalitarian is trying to get out." A&E network is a good example of that. Their actions regarding Phil Robertson are totalitarian.  Perhaps it's because his comments were a double whammy against Liberal causes?  Phil's comments were based in Christianity and the Bible and they were anti-gay.  After all, Liberals shun and pooh-pooh Christianity and champion gay rights.  Their violent reaction was clearly notable.

I don't care much of what Phil Robertson thinks about gay people. He's entitled to his own opinions. I happen to think, in this case, that he's making a mistake to rely on a few passages in the Bible to base any opinion about any sexual matter or women's issues. That's not it's 'purpose.'  But I wouldn't be surprised if Phil Robertson would defend my right to speak my opinion!   That's more than a Liberal would do.  Liberals don't believe in free speech if you disagree with them. 

The issue here (obviously) is free speech and a very pervasive attempt by liberals and liberal media to "enforce" political correctness (as defined by liberals of course) and thereby stifle free speech and opinion. The effort is to propagate "narratives" and "talking points" of what liberals believe. I guess it's natural that they do it, but it's done in a sneaky way.   Liberal news and media, a powerful mouthpiece, has the "veneer" of truth-seeking and fact-checking but I constantly find that the "real truth"and "actual story" is missed or suppressed. Shoddy scholarship and shoddy work is also widely evident except in select alternative media. Nearly all of the major media people are themselves liberal arts majors who are indoctrinated by other liberal arts academics and Marxists. None of these media types have degrees in engineering, business, science, law or history. Their major is always journalism, and that major and the lack of expertise and diverse viewpoints is obviously inadequate.

The lynching of Paula Dean was another example of a political correctness censorship attack.  Paula Dean was denied her livelihood by the "political correctness police." Her crime? She spoke frankly and truthfully about her past use of politically incorrect terminology.  The term "nigger" is insensitive given history, but so is the media's failing to report the outrageous and despicable crime wave in this country committed by blacks.  Black crime is an epidemic. See here, here and here.  Our prisons are not big enough. But don't expect it to get reported correctly--it's not!!

Oh, and black people are equal intellectually to whites, right?  Wrong.

That Barack Obama is in the White House is itself the result of a choreographed campaign by liberal media: 1) never ask him a difficult or pointed question, 2) overlook his unremarkable CV and 3) never ask about his GPA in any school program despite the fact that academic degrees are the only thing on his resume. 4) Aide and abet the smear campaign against Romney, 5) Smear anyone on the Right. 6) smear anyone who disagrees with the Left.

But the liberal agenda extends even further. Barack Obama was a professional student, who never had to any real work thanks to (liberal) affirmative action programs and promotion without merit. He basked comfortably (and lazily) within the Liberal academic community who formed him and indoctrinated him in incorrect and discredited (Liberal) ideology. The results speak for themselves. Now the rest of us have to tolerate the folly, the incompetence, the stagnation and the ignorance of Obama and the Loony Left.

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