Saturday, December 7, 2013

Slacker Obama Met With Sebelius One Time In 3 1/2 Years

I've contended that Obama is and always has been a slacker.  He's admitted that he wasn't a good student.  And I believe it!  His academic records are sealed no doubt because these records would confirm this fact.  And his alleged academic "credentials" were just about the only thing on this guy's resume other than a 1/2 term in the Senate with minimal contributions.  So let's be clear, this country elected a charlatan by throwing aside all good sense, falling unquestioningly for liberal media's "narratives"and "hype" to elect him---just because he was a somewhat intelligent (sounding) black man.

I say that this is a magnificent example of the 'madness of crowds' that the electoral system was supposed to prevent (but didn't).

If you want confirmation of how much a slacker he remains, just consider that the "President" met with Kathleen Sebelius just one time in 3 1/2 years to discuss progress on the implementation of ObamaCare.  So, let's get this straight, the President wasn't interested at all in the progress, or lack of progress, in the implementation his only legislative "accomplishment?"   Yep.

The HHS department has claimed that Obama worked closely with Sebelius on the healthcare law's implementation.   From Breitbart,
If, as HHS spokesperson Joanne Peters claimed late Friday, Obama had “dozens” of one-on-one working meetings with Sebelius, why did he promise in his roundly criticized November 14 press conference he was unaware of the serious problems with that contractors had warned Sebelius of for months?
He was unaware alright.  He's been completely AWOL.  He's worse than a "I don't know" pseudo-president, he's a lying, I-don't-know "White House occupant."

So, now we know that everything out of this administration is lies, gross incompetence and negligence.  The President was AWOL during the 8 hour gunfight in Benghazi too (that started mid-afternoon Washington time).  

America, you are in the hands of fools, idiots and charlatans.  Is it any wonder why everything out of this administration is complete failure?  Nope, not to this author.

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