Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syria Shows Complete Failure of Obama's Russian Reset

Obama's supposed "reset" with Russia is/was the biggest bunch of bullshit ever propagated by a White House occupant.

The "reset" term comes from Obama's idea that Geo. Bush failed to see that Putin is actually a good guy and that Bush was wrong to distrust him.  What a joke!  It shows how laughably naive these people are.  They shouldn't be in any position of power at all!   (Obama is showing the same naivete with regard to Iran's Rouhani and the reversal of the highly effective sanctions on Iran.)   Now, their stupidity and naivete is yielding only more bloodshed in Syria and now the Ukraine. 

For example, word comes that the Syrians have failed to dismantle it's chemical weapons which they promised to do in the resolution of the Syrian chemical weapons flap.  Gee, what a surprise that is!   Only idiots like Obama and Kerry would have agreed to such a lame-brained scheme.  But they only did so to save face when Obama discovered that there was no support for his military strike.   

Thanks to Putin's outmaneuvering of Obama in Syria,  Bashar al-Assad is now ensconced in power under the protection of Putin.  Russia is actively actively arming this evil regime to allow the continued killing of it's own citizens and even blocking humanitarian aid.  Some 100,000 innocent people are already dead and the death toll continues to rise.  The blood is also on Putin's hands.   Nice guy, right? 

Now Putin has managed to create the current unrest and bloodshed in Ukraine.  It started when the Ukrainian president shunned the EU and jumped into Putin's arms for $15 billion in financial aid.  Obviously every formerly captive Soviet state freed from the "Iron Curtain" wants to escape the Russian sphere at all costs.  Now the people of the Ukraine are in a pitched battle to overthrow that President and dozens are dead already.  Where's the statement of support for the protestors by Obama?   It's the same lack of support for Iranian students who were losing their lives protesting the evil regime and rigged elections in Iran in 2009.

Putin has no match in our White House.  He is far more clever than our foolish and idiotic administration.  Russia is actively working against America all over the world and has only evil intent.  I would say that it's time that Obama wake up to this fact, but Obama never learns anything.  He needs a new brain---because his doesn't work.

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