Monday, March 3, 2014

Ronald Reagan Deserved a Nobel Peace Prize, Not Obama

Well before the recent public "deal" with Iran's Rouhani, Obama was already removing the highly effective sanctions that forced Iran to the bargaining table;  thereby giving the Iranians time and money to finish their nuclear ambitions.  Sadly, I don't believe that they are interested in peaceful nuclear power.  There is a good chance that Obama just helped his Muslim "brothers" build the bomb that could wipe out Israel. 

This comes after Putin thoroughly outsmarted and out-played Obama in Syria leaving Assad in power forever under Russian protection -- and free to continue murdering 100,000s of his own citizens -- and not a chance of it living up to a ludicrous deal to destroy their chemical weapons.  The weapons 'ploy' was all about letting Obama 'save face.' 

Now, the crisis caused by Russia's invasion of the Ukraine adds to the perfect record of foreign policy failures for Obama and his nitwit Secretary of State Kerry.  Obama is batting 0.000 or total and utter failure!  Can this guy even tie his own shoes?  The invasion is a thorough repudiation of his ridiculous Russian "reset" fantasy predicated on the lame-brained thought that "nice talk" with Putin would be just the trick to bring Putin around.  Presidents of the United States who live in a fantasy world are just as dangerous to world peace as murderous dictators.  They just don't know it yet.

Obama will likely never understand Reagan's concept of "peace through strength."  Such a concept appears to be antithetical to Socialists and Liberals.  This despite the fact that "peace through strength' is THE single biggest lesson to be gleaned from the past 70 years of world history.  But I'm confident that the over-educated but still ignorant Obama, would pooh-pooh such concepts from his ivory tower-like perch and ignore how Reagan proved it conclusively by decisively winning the 50+ year Cold War.  Maybe because Liberals are too busy spending other people's money in ill-advised social engineering??

Just a day or two ago, Obama announced that he is reducing our army staffing to 1940 levels and letting our navy shrink through attrition. This while a bellicose China is building a navy.  European socialists have nearly no military strength remaining -- thanks to diverting of spending to social benefits at the expense of defense.  Leftists really don't believe in a strong military nor strength.  Europe is no position to defend itself from an imperial Russia.  The result is incursions into Ukraine for example.

With that said, that Obama won a Nobel Peace prize for essentially nothing is one of the finer examples of idiocy ever seen.  It is Ronald Reagan that is truly worthy of a Nobel Peace prize for winning the Cold War.  But that committee would never give such an acknowledgment to a tough talking conservative politician who really knew how to bring peace in international relations.  You see, all of America's enemies were afraid of Ronald Reagan because he spoke often and strongly with every fiber of his body and soul against tyranny and tyrannous dictators.  Liberals, with their rigid and ideological "impediments' are not grounded in principles and therefore can not be clear or convincingly serious.  Foreign leaders know the difference.

But Obama's perfect record of failures and his immunity to truth and facts reminds me of Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler in the late 1930s.  Obama may yet be the 2014 equivalent of Chamberlain.  We're already seeing what Obama's unrealistic placating of enemies brings.  The answer is that it usually brings wars and large death tolls.

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