Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lies About ObamaCare "Success" Continue

The lies and spin continue to be spewed from the White House about the so-called success of ObamaCare.   These people are incredibly desperate to put lipstick, rouge, eyeliner and everything else on that pig.   Obama himself is liar-in-chief and has been so for a long time.  See here.  Add Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to the serial liar club too.  And of course our lap-dog media outlets dutifully regurgitate anything the WH says with little or no critical analysis.

Numbers from Democratics touting Obamacare' enrollment numbers are a case in point.  They claim some 6 million people have signed up to the "program" and they have met their goals. Mission accomplished!  Isn't that wonderful??  Sorry, not so wonderful.  The numbers are vastly exaggerated and misleading.  First, 3 million signed-up for the "free" and sub-standard coverage of Medicaid. After all, it's easy to give people free stuff!  The expansion of Medicaid didn't need to be done as part of a re-organization (and blowing up) of the Health Insurance market!  So, 3 million is not to included in the same breath as paying customers.

Out of the remaining 3 million, the simply reality is that only about 500,000 of those people were previously uninsured.  The balance of "sign-ups" were previously insured but their policies were cancelled by the law itself.   That means that only 1/2 million people out of 35 million uninsured have gotten new insurance or about 1.5% of the total uninsured.   This is an extremely meager result -- hardly a success.  One-half million is nowhere near 6 million as the lying administration claims.  For this we disrupted the entire medical insurance industry and drastically drove up insurance premiums making healthcare insurance costs an even larger burden to every American??   Those who were kicked out of their previous policies had to pay about double for the high deductible policies of Obamacare.

It would have been infinity cheaper, more effective and far less damaging to the country if the administration would have sent vouchers to the uninsured to buy policies. 

ObamaCare Lies Aplenty

The White House keeps touting how some 6 million people have signed up for the inferior and over-priced ObamaCare policies.  This is a gross exaggeration. 

First, some  23% of the people who "signed-up" or indicated a "selection"on the ObamaCare  exchanges have not paid for their policies.  Calling those who ticked a box on the website a "sign-up" is an exaggeration.  Counting those who have not paid as "enrolled" is another exaggeration.

The third layer of exaggeration is that only 19% of the "sign-ups" were previously uninsured or only about a 500,000 uninsured people got insurance. .

So, after all the damage done to business confidence, the damage of rocketing medical insurance costs for our nation's population and the damage to the economy in general, only about 1.4% of the uninsured are newly covered.  From Forbes,
Only 19 percent of those who have paid a premium were previously uninsured. Among those that the administration is touting as sign-ups, only 14 percent are previously uninsured enrollees: approximately 472,000 people as of February 1.
The damage will continue too.  Insurers are warned that double-digit increases in costs for 2015 are in the offing.   Those increases will affect every American too. 

ObamaCare Burdens

It's obvious to anyone even remotely informed that ObamaCare is a disaster in every way.  The law and it's effect on inflating medical costs has put a cloud and a burden on the American people,  the country and our economy for 5 years now.

I've indicated in my blog that, since Obama's first term in office, that my medical insurance costs have risen 400% in those 5 years.  I am a healthy 56 year old who has had individual high deductible policies that have risen in price from about $100 per month in 2008 to nearly $500 per month for this year's ACA compatible policy.   That's medical cost inflation of about 40% per annum.  So don't believe the administration's inflation numbers either.

Not only have medical insurance costs rocketed higher for everyone, but the US economic recovery has remained stunted with US employment still not back to pre-recession levels while population continues to rise. Obamacare cost uncertainty has been a major part of problem.  Small business formations and lack of investment by business have remained depressed due to the uncertainty about taxes, medical costs, insurance costs, ObamaCare impacts and a variety of regulations and threats of more regulations from this administration.  In short, this administration has been a wrecking ball for our economy.

America, you got what you deserve by re-electing this idiotic administration.  You got a wrecking ball and a bunch of liars to boot.

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