Thursday, May 8, 2014

IRS Audited 10% of Conservative Group Donors

More evidence that there is far more than a smidgeon of corruption with regard to the IRS targeting of political opponents.   Obama said to Bill O'Reilly that there "wasn't even a smidgeon of corruption" at the IRS.

How about Lois Lerner pleading the 5th Amendment about 20 times in front of Congress?  How about that for a "smidgeon?"  Remember, pleading the 5th is to avoid incriminating yourself under oath.

There's more than that.  From the Washington Times:
Republicans said 24 conservative groups were asked for their donor lists. The IRS initially told Congress that those lists were destroyed, but when they went through their files they discovered three lists that weren’t destroyed.

Rep. Dave Camp, Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, asked the IRS to review the names on those lists to see whether any had been audited. The IRS reported back that 10 percent were audited — substantially higher than the average rate of 1 percent of average Americans who are audited each year.
So, even though the IRS lied about the lists being destroyed, even the 3 lists remaining pointed to significant politically-based persecution of citizens.

Also consider that our corrupt DOJ, under the horrible Eric Holder, appointed a political donor Barbara Bosserman to head up the investigation of the IRS.  That's bullshit too and constitutes a big dollop of corruption out of this inept and corrupt administration.  The government policing itself is enough of a challenge, but then putting a political crony in charge of that investigation makes it a farce.  The lazy, complicit, intellectually-challenged, pro-Obama media failing to report this fact is another travesty and farce.

I can't emphasize enough about the seriousness of highly politicized administrations like Nixon's and Obama's using government agencies such as the IRS as a tool of political retribution and repression.   It's what you expect from China or Russia or Venezuela -- not the US.  Although the individual mandate and penalties have basically fallen apart thanks to Obama himself, this point is even more true when the IRS is designated as the enforcement agency for ObamaCare.   What happens when you publicly disagree with this or any administration, and you need a heart transplant?  Maybe it's no transplant for you??

Get the government out of the medical and health insurance industry -- it can only mean trouble ahead!   No "smidgeon of corruption" -- My ass!!

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