Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obama's Rise Shows The Problem With Affirmative Action

I just wrote a blog highlighting the point that the VA deaths and it's rapidly rising costs show the problem of Socialized medicine and Socialism in general.  Now, I assert that the rise of Obama to the presidency and the resulting incoherent and incompetent administration shows the problem with Affirmative Action.

Academic degrees were the only credentials on Obama's resume except for 150 unremarkable days as a Senator.  And Obama clearly wasn't proud of any of his academic records since he's sealed those records tighter than a drum.  He's admitted that he was a lazy and mediocre student. And I believe it.  It shows!  His books were most likely ghost-written and full of fabrications.  It's all an astonishing series of orchestrated falsehoods.   But it's the academic degrees that clearly propelled him to prominence and gave him undue "credibility."  It gave an unremarkable guy far too much status -- at least to the uninformed.  Now the country, and even the world,  are paying a high price.

You see, statistically speaking, there is nearly no chance that Obama would have made it into Harvard or Columbia without affirmative action programs. And these prestige academic degrees have a large place in his so-called credibility.

For example,  there are only about 630 blacks of college age in the entire country, who would have an IQ of 130 (brilliant or gifted) and therefore might be a candidate for Harvard or any of the most prestigious schools.  In contrast there would be 315,000 whites of college age with an IQ of 130 or better.  It's just raw statistical analysis, not opinion.   See my footnote below and/or you can refer to my other blog for more explanation.

Only 632 'brilliant' college age black persons in the entire country!  Obama was mostly likely not one of them.

Obama's story shows the fundamental problem with affirmative action:  it promotes less qualified candidates at the expense of more worthy candidates.  Affirmative action puts persons with 2nd rate qualifications in positions 'over their head' resulting in less-than-satisfactory performance. This is a fair assessment of our country's situation.

So, in Obama's case,  the nation and the world now have to endure a result of (Liberal) affirmative action programs: an extraordinarily incompetent President -- promoted far beyond his capability and arguably the worst President ever.  It's obvious to everyone except for those who still champion affirmative action!  Worse, because of his ethnicity, you can't criticize him without being labeled a racist.  And because he's so incompetent, it's extremely annoying to put up with the whole situation.

Obama is clearly one of the most inept, ill-prepared and incompetent chief executive ever.  It's even dangerous for our nation because of the power of the office.   Most of the intelligent people in this country and our dismayed allies must now groan and roll their eyes back due to his staggering incompetence. Our enemies in Russia and China are challenging the post-war order due, in part, to the intellectual vacuum of this administration. 

How incompetent?  Well, by recollecting is own promises and rhetoric.  Peter Wehner at Commentary Magazine says it best:
It’s not simply that Mr. Obama has fallen short of what he promised; it’s that he has been, in so many respects, a failure. Choose your metrics. Better yet, choose Mr. Obama’s metrics: Job creation. Economic growth. Improving our health-care system. Reducing the debt. Reducing poverty. Reducing income inequality. Slowing the rise of the oceans. Healing the planet. Repairing the world. The Russian “reset.” Peace in the Middle East. Red lines in Syria. Renewed focus on Afghanistan. A new beginning with the Arab world. Better relations with our allies. Depolarizing our politics. Putting an end to the type of politics that “breeds division and conflict and cynicism.” Working with the other party. Transparency. No lobbyists working in his administration. His commitment to seek
public financing in the general election. The list goes on and on.

By now, nearly five and a half years into the Obama presidency, objective people can draw reasonable conclusions, among which are these: Barack Obama was among the least prepared men to ever serve as presidency. It shows. He has been overmatched by events right from the start.
Obama's unworthy promotion is now damaging our country.  But the problems with affirmative action extent to other professions too.  For instance, there are two-tiered qualification levels for African American doctors and lawyers versus other professionals -- although there are licensing exams to minimize that.  But think about idiot doctor Conrad Murray or the criminal doctor Kermit Gosnell who was recently convicted of killing viable babies in an abortion clinic. 

Affirmative action programs lower standards and leads to a significant number of second rate professionals.

  1. With a black population IQ median of 85 and standard deviation of 13, only 0.4% of the black population would be expected to have an IQ of 120 or greater; an IQ that would be common to graduate-level students.  And only 0.027% of the black population would have an IQ of 130 (brilliant) or better.   This would equate to only 9360 total college age black persons (the college-age group is about 6% of 39 million total population) with "bright" IQs of 120 and only 632 persons of college age who would measure "brilliant" or 130 on IQ tests.    
  2. In contrast, there would be about 1.3 million whites of college age with an IQ of 120 or greater and 315,000 whites of college age with and IQ of 130 or greater.  So, the competition for top schools is immense -- even insurmountable.

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