Monday, July 7, 2014

Obama Worst President Since WWII, Reagan Best By a Landslide

Results from a Quinnipiac University poll as reported by USAToday, Obama is the worst president in the past 70 years.  Reagan is the best -- by a landslide.

After all, name one thing that has gotten better for the US under Obama.  Sorry, everything has worsened.  It's amazing that trickster Obama got re-elected in 2012 but he hid the Obamacare disaster until after the election.  Also remember all of the other things hidden before the election: 1) Al Qaeda was on the run and ISIS was nothing to worry about.  2) The Benghazi tragedy and the fact that the commander-in-chief was AWOL was completely hidden. 3) Iraq wasn't yet in a new collapse.  4) The President hadn't yet flubbed his Syria strategy. 5) He hadn't secretly loosened sanctions against Iran yet.  6) Putin was assured by his best buddy in whispered communications that he would get more "flexibility" once re-elected.7)  The US Supreme Court hadn't yet stuck down the Administration unamimously 13 times.  The smearing of Romney and Republicans with the help of the shameful lapdog media was a complete success.  This is how tyrants and ne'er do wells are elected.

Since Obama is clearly an enemy of America, I give him the title of worst president in 225 years. 

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