Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Black Americans Receive 3 Times the Government Benefits as Whites

Black Americans receive about 3 times the government benefits as whites but often remain unhappy and resentful. They will remain unhappy because welfare only makes them comfortable in their poverty -- thereby perpetuating their poverty. This is the nature of welfare. It ruins people and their communities.

How do I figure that blacks get about 3 times the government benefits? I just look at a few of the big programs.  For example, blacks are only about 13% of the population but about 24% of the food stamp use. Whites are about 70% of the population but only about 38% of food stamps. (See page 75 of this document.) So blacks are 4 times as likely to be using food stamps than whites.

Another example: from here, 42% of medicaid benefits go to whites while 20% of those benefits go to blacks. If you work the ratios, blacks are nearly 3 times more likely to be using Medicaid than whites relative to their populations.   Just looking at these two big programs, they are conservatively getting about 3 times the benefits as whites.

The real reason Black America is less prosperous is due to their lower measured intelligence and a collapse of their culture and families. The collapse in their culture is related partly to the lower intelligence but also due to dependence on government. The 'government' has helped to ruin black people just like it did for Native Americans.

African Americans live in a country that was founded to be the pinnacle of political and economic freedom -- a cultural heritage that came from England that found it's way into the US Constitution and US culture.  Not only did English-speakers invent political freedom but Anglophones finally ended slavery after 1000s of years of worldwide slavery. See Anglophones Invented Freedom, But African Americans Don't Get It.

But African American people don't share our heritage of political and economic freedom. They want big government and it's hand-outs. They feel that they "deserve" it.  They are wrong about everything!  And it's ironic to put your faith in "government" when big government failed to support and enforce laws passed during the Civil War reconstruction era until Brown vs The Board of Education. 

Their African heritage is mostly a culture and history of slavery, poverty, tyranny and failure. African Americans are better off after the US correctly "leveled the playing field" (again) with Civil Rights legislation.  But, even now they continue to live in a separate, but unequal, 'culture' in America and largely remain immune or disconnected from the great historical political lessons that Anglo Americans inherited in the 1700s. They don't see it. They don't want it. They fight it. Many don't have the intelligence to grasp it.  Instead they push for more Big Government and more hand-outs which only lead to dependence, the de-evolution of their culture and ultimately a shock/collapse when their "handouts" stop when OPM (other people's money) finally runs out..

So, the entire world must continue to suffer at the hands of the "intellectual-idiot" African American called Barack Obama.  Despite having attended Harvard University (supposedly), he seems to have learned nothing: he seems to know little about our Constitution or our Anglo cultural heritage of self-sufficiency, economic freedom, capitalism and free markets. In fact, he hates the British!!  This is why rumors of his foreign birth persist. It's because, many Americans correctly see that Obama is hostile to American ideals -- the ideals that America used to stand for.  Obama see America itself as an enemy. But HE is the enemy.  He refuses to "get it."

Instead Obama reflects his own collapsed "culture(s)" -- demanding tired, populist public policies that bring nothing but stagnation, lower incomes and less opportunity for all.  Obama would surely bring what Leftists always bring when they remain in power.

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