Monday, August 4, 2014

Cry Baby Cristina Kirchner Blames Others For Her Problems

Socialist Kirchner has threatened to take the US to the International court at The Hague to argue "judicial malpractice."  This, because a US judge ordered Argentina to pay their hold-out bondholders who did not accept the country's terms of default in 2002.  She sounds like a spoiled little baby that was finally called out for "cheating."  Then come the vituperation.

Several hedge funds, predictably demagogued as "vulture funds," accounting for 8% of bondholders, demanded to be paid before Argentina makes any further payments to the 92% of bondholders who did accept the country's default terms.  The judge's order isn't the fault of the hedge funds.  The fault lies with the Leftist governments that continue to ruin Argentina, spend beyond their means, print lots of money and lie about inflation!

Therein lies a warning for America which has now racked up an astonishing $7 TRILLION in debt under Obama alone and the the insane academics at the Fed have printed $4 TRILLION.

The details are not so relevant here.  What is relevant to me is how people, who cause their own problems, refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.  Instead, they blame other people.

This happened to me last night when I came home and found a car in my assigned spot in my condo complex.  This despite the many posted signs to indicate that all the parking is reserved.  So, I called the towing company.  They came, hooked up and even moved the car when the owner of the car suddenly showed up.  Awhile later, I moved my car to my reserved spot and they were still nearby.  The girl began berating me for the fact that she had to pay $80 to the towing company.  She kept going on and on as I walked away.  But I didn't cause her problem.  In fact, the girl caused me a big inconvenience.  SHE was the problem.  She REMAINED the problem, but blamed me for being "mean."   This is the sign of immaturity.   And I'm sure that she's an Obama supporter!

Argentina's problems include persistently horrible (Peronist/Socialist) governments that continually ruin their economy, spend money with reckless abandon, then borrow and steal (they expropriated Spain's YPF assets a la Chavez) what they can.  Then don't pay up when the bill comes due.  This is the problem with the Left.  They don't have the maturity or intellect to govern.  They rule their lives (and gov't) with emotion, not with facts and reality.  They are essentially lying to themselves in blaming others for their own problems.

Kirchner's rant against the US judge in New York is all emotion and no facts.  SHE is the problem.  Socialism is also the problem.

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