Friday, August 29, 2014

Democrats Want Unlimited Immigration & Push Bill To Allow Illegals to Vote NOW

The Left has a plan to allow unrestricted illegal immigration -- which is already underway.  That much is clear.  Obama and fellow Democrats have started a stampede of illegal immigration by loose talk of imminent amnesty, abuse of asylum rules and refusal to enforce existing immigration laws.   Border patrols are now overwhelmed and have been told to 'stand down.'  In fact, Obama and Democrats have INTENTIONALLY created a humanitarian immigration crisis.    And we know crises need yet more government involvement!!  You get it??   You get the Leftist agenda and methods??

It's absolutely shameful how our nation and rule of law is being decimated before our very eyes.  God help us.  Punish these people -- everyone of them -- in November!  And I can't believe Obama's approval rating is still in the 40s!!  Apparently 40+% of the population is brain dead.

Ultimately, the Left hopes to ultimately hook these immigrants on a variety of government benefits to make them Democratic voters for life.  They can't wait!  What you may not know is that they intend to let the illegals vote right away -- regardless of citizenship or status.    That's why Democrats oppose any rational voter ID laws -- they want the illegal votes!!

In an apparent move to attract even more illegals to our borders, Democrats in New York state are trying to "cash in" now and allow undocumented persons to vote and to receive a variety of government benefits -- regardless of status.  Expect more of this from Blue States unless the voters in this country wake up!  From Breitbart:
Millions of illegal immigrants could soon become legal "state citizens" in New York thanks to a new proposed bill. If passed, the legislation would allow undocumented immigrants living in the state to receive a slew of benefits administered by the state including drivers licenses, in-state tuition, voting rights, and Medicaid.

The bill was introduced on Monday, according to New York Daily News. It would supposedly only apply to illegal immigrants with no criminal history who can prove they have lived and paid taxes in New York for three years. In total, an estimated 2.7 million individuals would reap benefits as a result of the legislation.
Not only that, the US government is fighting any State that demands voters to produce identification and prove that the voter is compliant with immigrant law.  What seems reasonable to you and me is an anathema to the irresponsible Democrats.

 From Fox News:
The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver will hear arguments Monday in an appeal filed by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

The agency is seeking to overturn a federal judge's order that the commission modify a federal form to include special instructions requiring Kansas and Arizona residents to provide citizenship documentation when they register to vote.
Democrat's real goal is to get more low IQ, low-information voters to vote Democratic by hooking them on "free stuff" and "assistance" and subsidies.  Of course they already will get "free" education for their children, "free" medical care at emergency rooms.  After all, low- information and low IQ (and aggrieved) voters are the heart of the Democratic party.  Never mind asking who's paying the bills.  Who pays is NEVER the concern of Democrats since they can always squeeze the "wealthy" for more money.

It's literally insane NOT to validate voter ID and proper immigration documentation.

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