Thursday, August 28, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Tax Inversions

Corporations will reliably respond to incentives and disincentives like any rational "person."

But Democrats are demagoguing the recent moves by companies to acquire foreign companies to lower their tax rates.  They are even calling these companies "unpatriotic."  But companies are doing so because the US corporate tax rate is the highest in the world.   It literally pays to move overseas. 

So, you would think that politicians would adjust the corporate tax rate lower but you'd be wrong.  You see, the Democrats, under the highly incompetent "leadership" of Barack Obama, are not talking to Republicans at all.  It's been that way since the last debt limit "non-debate" when Obama said he wasn't negotiating.  It's "above him."  Never mind that talking to the opposition IS his job!  So anything and everything in Washington has ground to a halt.  Nothing was being fixed in Washington before. Now it's even worse! 

Meanwhile companies are logically responding to incentives and disincentives and keeping/moving jobs and profits overseas.  This to the detriment of the USA.  The US is dying a death of a thousand cuts and politicians are incapable of fixing even the easy problems.

Countries with low tax rates have continued to attract companies.  Look at the countries with great economies:  Ireland has an effective tax rate of 10.9%, Singapore effective corporate tax rate of 8.5%, Chile has an effective rate of 6.7% (and is booming).  The US effective corporate tax rate is estimated at 35%. 

Here's a list of effective corporate tax rates worldwide:

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