Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama is Inept and Strategy-Less in Foreign Policy and Everything Else

The other day, Obama was once again nationally televised by the fawning media; flapping his lips and delivered yet another "nothing burger" about foreign policy. He admitted that he "doesn't have a strategy" with regard to Jihadists in the middle east making astonishing territorial gains in Syria and Iraq. The absence of any US advisers in Iraq has contributed to the loss of all of the hard-fought gains of the Iraq war -- in front of our very eyes.

Obama may not have a strategy but ISIS has one: to kill as many Americans (and Shiites) as possible.

Obama can't even correctly name the enemy or even call a spade a spade. If you can't correctly identify the problem, you'll never have the correct solution. Political correctness is the problem with him. He is in complete denial about Islam itself.  Hint: it's not just the extremists either. The vast majority of Muslim communities are generally sympathetic, and therefore complicit with, Jihadis and their murders.

Remember when the massacre of Ft. Hood was an example of “workplace violence”? When we were told core al-Qaeda was “decimated”? And how al Qaeda/Jihadists were the “jayvee team”? And how President Obama would bring a “new beginning” based on “mutual respect” with the Arab and Islamic world?

Do you still recall when the president promised he would punish Syria if it crossed the “red line” of using chemical weapons?  Remember when our official "policy" in Syria was "Assad must go".   When we were assured that the “tide of war is receding”?

The equally brain dead and "fawning" media still thinks that Obama is relevant and has something to offer. The sad truth is that he's never had anything to offer-- ever. He has NEVER offered any useful details regarding any of his legislative "successes" For example, he never offered anything in the crafting of ObamaCare. All along, he's delegated everything to the corrupt and highly incompetent Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. He never wrote a paper at the Harvard Law Review either. He never did anything of note in his long 150 day career as a US Senator either. I don't think this idiot ever had a job.

He has nothing to offer. This emperor has no clothes, but Sshhhh!, don't tell anyone (or you'll be labeled racist)!

In foreign policy, we're finding out what happens when America is not providing accustomed leadership in the world. I'm talking about diplomatic leadership backed by a well-communicated strategy. The US used to stand for law and order, democracy (however imperfect), freedom and freeing peoples from oppression. But bonehead Obama typically sides with the law breakers, oppressors and trouble-makers. Obama hates Netanyahu, but loves Rouhani, He hates Britain but loves Putin's Russia, He sided with Chavista Manual Zelaya who was ousted by Honduras's Supreme Court. He sides with illegal aliens and against enforcing existing laws. Can you see the pattern?

But there's no foreign policy strategy in the Obama administration -- just mindless inaction or a unilateral and universal withdrawal. There's no credibility. There appears to be no real intellectual capability in or around the White House. For example, there's nothing to the 'pivot to Asia.' There should never have been a pivot away from the Middle East. Obama said, "I don't need a strategy, I need good allies" then put his hopes and dreams in Vlad Putin. What a joke!!

The entire administration is a bunch of leftist buffoons with not a single solid strategic thinker in the bunch!!

When America is not leading with clearly stated positions and principles, bad actors fill the void. China is filling the void by stirring up trouble all over Asia, Putin is filling the void in the Middle East and now picking off territory in Europe (although Putin's gambit has gone horribly wrong). When we stop fighting terrorists, they continue fighting! And no, Jihadist terrorists are not like a "JV" team on the Lakers court. When we don't leave a residual group of advisers in Iraq, a disaster was certain to happen and our influence ceases. This will happen in Afghanistan too-- you watch! This administration has been asleep at the switch, determined to unilaterally withdrawal everywhere without strategy and without intellect.

Obama couldn't and hasn't correctly understood a damned thing since he was elected. He doesn't even go to most national security briefings because he's such a fucking slacker. He is a fraud. He is an affirmative action "figurehead" with no capability of strategic thought. It shows! Arrogant (and ignorant) Obama has his bloated head stuck in the sand FOREVER like the rest of his Leftist allies. The fact that the Democrats go along with him means that they deserve to be punished in November. Punish them!

The current problems are nothing compared to what's coming. Wait till Afghanistan and Jordan are under attack from Jihadists. Wait till Iran announces they have a nuclear device. Wait until Putin intervenes in other areas of E. Europe. Wait till we have a full-fledged refugee crisis at our Southern border essentially caused by Obama and Biden's loose lips. Wait till China picks a fight with Japan. Wait till the financial crisis, where nothing was fixed except papering-over by rising and massive debt, reasserts itself here and abroad.  All of this will be symptomatic of our discredited and/or nonexistent leadership. Oh, and by the way, the President is supposed to talk and negotiate with the political opposition. It's his fucking job but he is inept at that too.

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