Friday, December 19, 2014

GOP in Charge In Washington and Especially In The States

The midterm elections gave the Republicans an impressive majority not only in the US Senate, the US House of Representatives but also in the States.  This doesn't surprise me a bit since Republicans are mostly principled conservatives and are generally fit to govern. 

Due to the corrosive influence of Obama, Democrats have devolved to the "looney left" or "lunatic fringe." They are now the party of the irresponsible for the irresponsible.  Obama, a product of the liberal agenda, will destroy liberals.   The Democrats brief majority lasted only as long as they could hide their agenda from voters or for as long as they and the friendly media can spin their inevitable failures. I've seen this movie before and the failures become obvious to even the most oblivious voter.

Here's some stats showing just how extensive the GOP majority has progressed:
  • The GOP control 54 out of 100 seats in the Senate -- highest since 1929.
  • GOP has 247 seats in the House vs 188 for Democrats
  • The GOP controls 31 of 50 State governorships
  • The GOP control both legislative houses in 29 States (highest since 1920) whereas Democrats control both houses in only 11 States
Obama, the very product of the Liberal agenda, is destroying the Democratic party -- a delicious irony.

Democrats have shifted remarkably left since JFK and Bill Clinton's administration and are unfit to govern.  The US is a center right country. See map below of US House party affiliation.

Map Showing US House Representation by Party 2014 Midterms; Red Is Republican

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