Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Obama Routinely Sides With Tyrants, Dictators, Fascists and Lawbreakers

Obama typically sides with the law breakers, dictators, oppressors and trouble-makers. He's a proven concession-giver to terrorist regimes and fascist Islamists.

Obama today announced that he's starting to normalize diplomatic and trade relations with Castro's Cuba.   As a reminder, Cuba is a Socialist country hijacked by the Castro family and stuck in deep poverty.  It is stuck in poverty because of the ravages of Socialism and dictatorship!  Make no mistake about it.  Now that Obama is giving concessions to an octogenarian dictator in Cuba, he's actually reinforcing rule by that illegitimate regime.  The fact is that Socialism has to go, but it won't happen when you offer concessions to Socialist dictators. 

Just how ravaged is Cuba by Socialism?  Doctors and nurses just got a big raise recently.  At the high end, doctors with two specialties will see their salary go from the equivalent of $26 a month to $67, while an entry-level nurse will make $25, up from $13!  This shows that Cuba must be the poorest country on earth.

So let's see now, Cuba is a negotiating partner,  the Taliban is a negotiating partner, Iran is a negotiating partner.   But the Republican Congress, now controlled by Republicans to a degree not seen in 70 years, are unworthy hostage-takers?! 

You see the ongoing pattern here?  

Obama hates Netanyahu, but loves Iran's Rouhani,   He hates Britain but loved Putin's Russia, He sided with Chavista Manual Zelaya who was ousted by Honduras's Supreme Court when he tried to pull off a Chavez-style power grab.  He sides with illegal aliens and is against enforcing existing laws. Can you see the pattern?   He's on the wrong side every time.

And he never demands much for his concessions -- making Obama the worst negotiator in the world! For example, the centrally planned dictatorship persists in Cuba while Obama gives them huge financial gains. There is no demand to enact true democracy or to end totalitarian dictatorship.  Similarly, in his first weeks in office, Obama screwed-over Poland and the Czech Republic by cancelling missile batteries for these countries in return for NOTHING from Putin.   I'll bet that those countries had those missiles now!

Obama himself is a lawbreaker and wannabe tyrant.  He wants to be a tyrant himself by ignoring Congress (and our Constitutional system of government) and acting alone.  He's vowed to ignore the mid-term voters who "spoke" just a few weeks ago.   He's ignored his pledge to faithfully execute his duties of office which is enforcing our country's laws.  You could say that the US is slipping into tyranny just because of the color of Obama's skin.

It goes on.

Remember when Obama refused to support Iranian students who were protesting their theocratic regime in Iran in 2009?   Not a peep from the "leader of the free world."  Now, the administration is racing to make a "deal" -- any deal -- with the terror-sponsoring Mullahs in Tehran while evidence is mounting that Iran is already cheating on even the preliminary agreements.  These people haven't been trustworthy for 40 years. They ALWAYS cheat and bide time by tricking any US administration.

Obama showed his instinct to side with ne'er do wells when he inappropriately sided with Michael Brown in Ferguson.  Brown was a proven thug.  As I've said, Obama never learns anything!  He said the police officer in Cambridge had acted "silly" when he didn't know what he was talking about.

The Obama Administration refused to stand against Argentina in their renewed claims on the Falklands recently.  Oh, and don't forget that Obama happily hosted a bunch of African tyrants, oppressors and homo-phobes in a "monster's ball" at the White House in recent months. 

The Obama administration by announcing he'll not enforce immigration law has created a refugee crisis at our southern border bringing chaos to border states.  And by accepting illegal immigrant children and uniting them with illegal families residing in the US is, in essence, completing delivery of many children for the Drug Cartels. You see, the Mexican drug cartels have been trafficking children into the US for money.   So, Obama is on the side of the drug cartels whether he realizes it or not.

America is sliding into tyranny all because of Obama's skin color.  He really should be removed from office.

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