Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Democrats Have Shifted Hard Left Since JFK

It's interesting that Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Socialist, is way ahead of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary polls. Sanders is very far Left on the political spectrum. Predictably he's in favor of big taxes, big government and even bigger spending. The rise of an avowed Socialist on the Democratic primary shows how far Left the Democrats have shifted in recent years. Too bad Socialism is proven failure nearly everywhere.

The difference between the Democratic and Republican party used to be small and both parties were relatively centrist. The US has been, and still is a center-right country -- centrist but leaning slightly to the right.

For example, JFK would be considered a solid conservative now in comparison to Obama Democrats as he was a supply-side tax cutter, a staunch foe of Communism and a big supporter of a strong military -- not unlike Ronald Reagan.

It was JFK that said that "a rising tide lifts all boats" meaning that general economic prosperity helps everyone. This, of course, is true. But Obama Democrats, in a denial of the obvious, would derisively mock he idea as just more tired "trickle down," and "we've tried that before and it didn't work" as typically false narratives. (Instead, it is Obama Democrat's big government welfare state that is the most pathetic trickle-down idea of them all as welfare just helps people remain comfortable in their poverty.)

JFK's acknowlegement that a rising tide that lifts all boats was not a promise of income equality. That can never be guaranteed without hurting everyone. Communist and hard Left Socialist nations "solve" the inequality problem by manipulating and mandating similar wages for most people. But those "equalized" wages are very, very low and get lower over time due to inflation. Look at Cuba. Doctors make $68 per month! In reality, Leftism is a recipe for poverty for the masses. But those connected to the top bureaucrats, and the top bureaucrats themselves, live a high life of luxury and decidedly unequal income. Everyone else is impoverished and have nothing to look forward to, but the ruling elite and their entourage live a life of wealth and privilege. How about that for equality??

Interestingly, our country's movement toward more big government is already unfairly rewarding those that are connected to the powerful. Corporate donors to the Democratic party could "buy" relief from ObamaCare provisions for example. Those numbers in the 1000s. Seven out of the ten most wealthy counties in the country are located adjacent to Washington DC, showing how people are unfairly benefiting from government "connections." DC is a feeding trough for lobbyists, lawyers and other sycophants. Working for the Federal government itself is now a hugely rewarding as pay and benefits are now over 40% higher than similar jobs in private enterprise.

JFK also called for income tax cuts across the board to "improve" tax revenues. This was Reagan's mantra in 1980 and it worked in both cases. Because it conflicts with their failed ideologies, Obama Democrats refuse to accept the fact that lower taxes bring more prosperity, growth and improved tax revenues. But it is true and shows this hard shift to the Left by Obama Democrats.

With the "leadership" of Obama, the grand old Democratic party of JFK and Truman has devolved into the party of irresponsible people FOR irresponsible people.  Now the Democratic party is the party of ever more Government regulation and intrusion, more taxes, even more spending, and endless deficits. Together these smother the economy. They like this because poor economic performance gives them excuses for yet more government intervention!

The Obama Democrats are the party of endless deficits and debt, burdening the next generation with huge debt, shameless lying and smearing the opposition, demonizing and attacking the prosperous and anyone who happens to disagree with them, unlimited giveaways, "something-for-nothing," unlimited amnesty and forgiveness for the most irresponsible part of the country.  They are now the party that ignores the Constitution and Congress, ignoring and abusing immigration laws thereby facilitating the unlimited immigration of huge numbers of low and no-skill Central Americans -- all for political "gain," no budgeting, no effective gov't oversight or managing, killing the unborn, and food stamps for all. All of this is paid for with other people's money, or worse, paid with "printed" money. Add debasement of the currency to the Democrat's "credentials."

With Obama Democrats there are no consequences, no accountability, no apologies, no humility, nothing but failure and flops -- all covered-up by lies, phony excuses and "spin."  We are surrounded by big government failures: ObamaCare is hurting more people than helping, the VA is killing people and is a cost disaster which shows the failure of socialized medicine, Amtrak kills people and only survives only on government welfare, $8 Trillion of new debt in just 7 years with nothing to show for it, ineptitude and weakness in foreign policy and complete anarchy at the border.  What a sad day for America! Never before have the Democrats deserved to be more punished severely in the polls.  Democrats used to be a great political party that has gone wildly astray under Barack Obama.  

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