Monday, February 1, 2016

What a New American Revolution Would Look Like

Here's just a taste of what a "new" American Revolution would look like.  Also see my blog entry "56 Items on America's To-do List"
  • Lower corporate taxes and bring back jobs from Asia.
  • Drastically improve border control, and track all immigrant's location, contact info and all other immigration info in a national database accessible by law enforcement all over the country. All long-term visa holders should report to immigration every 90 days to update current info.  
  • Reform immigration with "point system" to prefer English speakers, persons with college degrees, and those persons with unusual talents or accomplishments in arts, science, math, engineering (STEM) or athletics. No more asylum abuse, no more catch and release. America needs the 'best of the best' not the 'worse of the worse' which is Obama's ridiculous approach.
  • Pass laws to outlaw "sanctuary cities" with penalties of jail time for all top city officials and councils.
  • Pass a national right-to-work law.
  • End Unions at all levels of government; local, state and federal. Because of unions, Federal workers are collecting more pay than private sector when considering benefits.  Even FDR didn't believe that unionism belonged in the public sector.
  • Get rid of the Federal Reserve. Central banks all over the world are a bunch of fools that will bring ruin to our country and the world. They are so out-of-control and so stupid. Get rid of them.
  • Get rid of the carbon regulation mandate at the EPA.
  • Clean house at EPA, SEC and NLRB.
  • Get rid of the NSA -- It is out of control (and never will be controlled as "oversight" at the Federal level is a complete joke). It's not helping our security and costing $50 Billion per year and only causes mischief. You ARE aware that they are reading/scanning your texts, emails, watching your phone calls, and monitoring your Internet activity, right? Nearly all of this is contrary to your Constitutional rights. All this and nearly no terrorist attacks stopped.
  • Get rid of Dept of Energy-- which creates no energy at all.
  • Get rid of Dept of Education -- which doesn't educate a single child.
  • Downsize Dept of Housing and Urban Development and Commerce.
  • Get rid of TSA and FEMA.  TSA doesn't work and has never caught a terroris and misses 95% of fake bombs meant to test them!
  • Get rid of ObamaCare and replace it with a premium-support voucher system. Incentivize individual savings accounts, and promote competitive insurance markets. Transfer company-provided health insurance policies to employees so that each employee "own" their policies (and retain them even when they change employment), Companies would continue to provide pre-tax benefits to employees to pay their policies. Work to make policies portable across the 50 States.
  • Give states Medicaid money in the form of block grants. Let The States administer this money.
  • Give up on the "War on Drugs" We're not winning it. The US hasn't won any war since WWII.
  • Legalize Marijuana, regulate it and tax it at the state level.  Repeal Marijuana prohibition at the Federal Level. Free prisoners that were convicted on simple possession charges.
  • Eliminate ethanol subsidies
  • Repeal Bacon Davis Act which increases cost of government (all contractors will pay Union wages, ie., high wages at a burden to taxpayers)
  • Get government out of the home mortgage market, sell-off FHA, Fannie, Freddie Mac
  • Get government out of the student loan business. Sell off Sallie Mae. End loan guarantees that are creating a bubble in student debt and driving-up tuition prices. Stop it!
  • Get government out of the minimum wage business. The fact that they don't adjust it shows they shouldn't set it! Duh!
  • Privatize the Post Office. Japan and UK did this recently.
  • Privatize Amtrak
  • End agricultural subsidies to large corporate farms. This would help to pay for health care premium support mentioned above.
  • End sugar price supports keeping sugar prices higher in US and driving jobs overseas
  • End electric car subsidies (especially to rich people buying $100k Tesla cars)
I could go on, but you get the point. This country needs a return of a true Federalist system where The States are largely independent and can do what they want as long as it doesn't violate the Constitution. This is the intent of our Constitution. In a Federalist system, Vermont could be a Socialist paradise with sky-high taxes, universal healthcare, and legal cocaine if it wanted. Equally, Texas could have a minimal state government, low taxes, light regulation, open carry, ban marijuana and ban gay marriage, etc.  This is what freedom looks like.


BullandBearWise said...

Please update this by addressing the 800 lb gorilla - defense spending. And spare us the blah blah about modernizing, inefficiencies, etc. Why are we projecting so much power beyond our borders?

Doug said...

Good comment. Spending on defense probably has to come down. Since most spending is for pay and pensions of personnel, it means that we probably need to shrink manpower including troops based in Japan and Germany that aren't even wanted or welcome anymore. I thought Trump's comments questioning NATO expenditures was interesting.

But at least defense is a Constitutionally mandated function of the Fed Govt but we're not getting much bang for our buck from our existing procurement. There are so many troubled programs that Congress keeps throwing money at. More incompetence and absence of real oversight from our failed government.

Blacklisted said...

You forgot the most important item, one that must happen before one can even dream of the others - short term limits, which is why it's the #1 STEP.