Monday, October 12, 2020

Harris/Biden Campaign Stop in Yuma, AZ: Nobody Came, Zilch, Ningún, No One

 The local news in Yuma, AZ announced that Harris/Biden would be making their first stop in Arizona for this campaign season.  Guess what? Not one voter showed up. NOT. ONE.

Meanwhile Trump fills large venues with overflow crowds. 

There are Trump boat parades all over the country this summer: Wisconsin, Mar a Lago, Florida, Austin Texas, Arkansas, MississippiMichiganLake Altoona, Georgia,  car parades in Miami, Lake Martin Alabama, New Jersey shore, Sacremento Calif., 3000 boats in Lake Murray, SC., Iowa, Tampa Bay, Pennsylvania,  Detroit, etc., etc.

Take a look at this diverse Trump rally in Beverly Hills

Meanwhile Harris/Biden can't draw a SINGLE VOTER to their Yuma "rally."


OilFieldExecutive said...

I posted the article pertaining to the Biden / Harris venue from Breitbart, put it on Facebook. Speaking of polls, The link I gave you below is from a guy that works for blaze TV and he gives the best explanation on why the polls make no sense whatsoever, and he does it by using data from the past. Data from Obama’s presidential run and Hillary‘s. It’s only nine minutes long and I’m telling you right now it is truly unbelievable all the truth in the data he lays out. Please listen to it when you get time and tell me what you think.

Doug said...

I'll give it a look. Thanks!