Monday, April 5, 2021

Charles Barkley drops MAJOR truth bomb during live March Madness coverage!


Link HERE  Just one minute of truth. Thanks Charles Barkley.  Below is a nice discussion of Mr. Barkley's commentary:

Link HERE. A couple of minutes worth hearing.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the only thing
I agree with him is that most white people
are great. black people are no where near even
remotely close to being great not to mention whites
and blacks were never united he makes it look, sound
like both whites & blacks are an or were buddy, buddies
throughout the centuries and millennia an eons. when we
all know the truth is they were never friends and are natural
enemies to humans it has nothing to do with divide an conquer
from the beginning. whites and blacks can not live together harmoniously
considering black on white crime, black on yellow crime, black on brown
crime and the hate hoax crimes (Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace) lets
not forget their always monopolizing the innocent, victim market like
they are never guilty of anything which we know better than that their
guilty an as usual showing them proof of video's, dna results, items A B
and C that they used against a human to injure them or kill them they will

Doug said...

Yes, Charles Barkley, like nearly all blacks, are in a near 100% denial of their devolved state: violence, murder, property crime, flash robs...I could (and have) gone on an on about it. US Blacks are just like the Palestinians: welfare rot, victimhood, total corruption of all of their so-called "leaders," total incomptence, violence, murder.

Garland Remington III said...

It never dawned on me that the black race is, is very very much just like the Palestinians!! but you are completely correct!! here is another article I’m going to put on fascist—book, so I can bring the house down!!!!