Monday, October 4, 2021

Medicare Tracking Data Shows Alarming Vaxx Death Rates. Also Increased Vaxxed Infection Rates; Adverse Reactions to Remdesivir

From The Conservative Treehouse:

Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking SystemThe Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.  {Direct Rumble Link}

Remedesivir Data In Medicare Patients

Attorney Renz is also in possession of Remdesivir death data from the Medicare Tracking System that has been withheld by the government from our citizens. The Remdesivir data reveals of the 7,960 beneficiaries prescribed Remdesivir for Covid-19, 2,058 died. That is 25.9%.

46% of people died within 14 days of  the Remdesivir Treatment. The Remdesivir Treatment was established in U.S. Hospitals at the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Serious adverse events were reported in 131 of the 532 patients who received Remdesivir. That is 24.6%. Attorney Renz says, ”This begs the question… why is this the protocol in American Hospitals? Does this appear “Safe and Effective” to you?” [Doug Here: we are talking about a very elderly group of people here. But still, THIS IS APPALLING. This information should have been a wake-up call to the entire medical profession as MAJOR WARNING!!!  Would someone please "drone"Fauci now?? He immediately, for personal gain, called Remdesivir our "standard of care" hastily and based on poor and minimal data. And Fuck Biden.]

Pfizer Vaxx Actually Increases Your Chance of Contracting Covid

Data from a Ex-Pfizer Researcher Karen Kingston From LifeSite News Site

A former Pfizer employee, now working as an industry analyst, has provided documentation indicating the pharmaceutical giant—whose gene-based COVID-19 vaccine has now been reportedly injected almost 225 million times into the arms of Americans—knows these shots cause recipients to become more susceptible to contracting COVID-19.  

Extending this conclusion a step further, the document reports, “An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2.”  

In other words, Kingston said, “if you have two doses of Pfizer, your rate for getting infected [with COVID-19] increases over time.”  

Leading to a discovery the biotech analyst called “super alarming,” the report looked exclusively at the placebo group, comparing their rate of infection in the first four months, when they had no protection, to the four months following their injections with the Pfizer product.  

During that initial placebo period, the document reports that the infection rate of this group was “12.6 cases per 1,000 person-years,” which equates to a 1.3% infection rate (placebo group). Following their injections, there were “43.4 cases per 1,000 person- years” or a 4.34% infection rate.   [Doug here:  yes, it's a higher chance, but going from 1.3% to 4.3% infection rate, we're still talking about low numbers. Nevertheless, an increase in infection rate from the Vaccine should HALT IT'S USE NOW!]

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Bigskyguy said...

I’ve read all the info on Conservative Treehouse and it’s absolutely disgusting. Like Tucker said last night.

“The truth of all deaths will come out one day and I pray it does before God Fauci leaves his elevated position of power. If anyone deserves to be brought down completely, it’s Anthony Fauci” Tucker Carlson. March 4th. Monday.