Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ObamaCare's Bureaucratic and Administrative Nightmare

Below is an administrative flow diagram of ObamaCare. (click to enlarge).  An amazing thing is that it only shows 1/3rd of the new administrative requirements.


I guess when you substitute this version of "Central Planning" from our 'Politburo' for 1/6th of the economy, it's going to get mighty bureaucratic and expensive.   The new law creates 68 grant programs, 47 bureaucratic entities, 29 demonstration or pilot programs, 6 regulatory systems, 6 compliance standards and 2 entitlements.

Is it any wonder that no one can figure out how to implement it?  Has this administration met any deadlines in it's implementation?

If you really want to get upset, you can read in more detail how it's supposed to work here.  The truth is that it's already not working and will never work.  It's already falling apart, see my blog:  ObamaCare Zombie Staggers Forward.

The other sad truth is that it probably would be cheaper to send vouchers for insurance policies to our uninsured, with reasonably high deductibles, to expand healthcare coverage and avoid all of the extra overhead.  Let's say that you want to cover 33 million uninsured people which is more than ObamaCare will cover.  The cost of such a policy for each individual should be about $250 per month or about $3,000 per year.  It wouldn't pay everything, (but Medicaid doesn't either) but shields people from financial ruin.  Take 33 million times $3,000/year = $100 billion per year.  That's right, it would be cost only $100 billion per year or $1 Trillion over 10 years.  Right now the ObamaCare nightmare is going to cost at least $2.7 Trillion over 10 years (always a rising target) and cover less than 33 million.

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