Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Profiling is Practical Not Racist

 Mayor Bloomberg Explains That 'Stop and Frisk' is Not Profiling

Mayor Bloomberg took to the Washington Post to explain that he doesn't tolerate racial profiling but then explains that that's exactly their approach.  He explains that he puts police in the neighborhoods where most of the crimes are committed.  Here's Mayor Bloomberg from the Washington Post:
The NYPD targets its manpower to the areas that suffer the highest crime levels. Ninety percent of all people killed in our city — and 90 percent of all those who commit the murders and other violent crimes — are black and Hispanic. It is shameful that so many elected officials and editorial writers have been largely silent on these facts.
Yes, it's a shame that elected officials and editorial writers are largely silent on these facts.  It's called political correctness.  Political correctness is essentially a muzzle on free speech.  In our politically correct culture, it's difficult to speak the truth.  It's sort of a culturally and Leftist imposed totalitarianism.   I say bullshit to that.

Nevertheless, some liberal judge has imposed a "monitor" at the NYPD to check for unjustified "stops" even though only 9 "stops" out of millions done in the past decade were deemed unjustified.

Profiling In Trayvon Martin Case Was Not Racism

In my blog Blaming Race is Just An Excuse Now, I state that the FBI interviewed dozens of people regarding racism in the Zimmerman trial and didn't find any.

Black people complain about 'profiling' as racist, but it's not.  The truth is that this country has a huge problem with criminality in young black men and black men in general.  Black men are prone to be criminals at rate at least 6 to 7 times more often than whites.  For example, some 11.4% of the entire black male youth population (aged 20 to 34) is in prison vs. 1.8% for whites. Furthermore, 37% of young black men (aged 20 to 34) without a high school diploma, are in prison.  One in nine black men is in prison at this very moment.  This isn't racist, it's just the facts.

You could say that Zimmerman "profiled" Trayvon, but that's just another way of saying that he had a logical and reality-based opinion about the likelihood of young black men being criminal.  You'd have to be an idiot to ignore those facts.  But the Left ARE a bunch of idiots who have their head in the sand.  Trayvon's townhouse community had a major crime problem that, if it is like most communities, was perpetrated by black men way out of proportion to their share of the general population.  Maybe something like 90%?  

You can have reality-based opinions about a group--even if it's a negative opinion and not be prejudiced.  Prejudice only means that you are unable to give an individual a chance due to these attitudes.  But most people that I know, including myself, are delighted to meet nice, responsible black folks who are succeeding in life and lifting themselves up.  Nearly all of us have to lift ourselves from nothing.  But I avoid passing a hooded black man in the street at night!  Most do!

 So my message to black people is: "if you don't want people to have a bad opinion of you, or to 'profile' you, then clean up your act!!   Of course people profile you!  It's a perfectly logical thing!. Your reputation is in tatters!  Get your shit together!  Don't heap blame on anyone else but yourself!"

TSA Could Save Billions If We Profiled Muslims

Another example of silly political correctness is where we pat down little old white ladies and middle aged white men at airport check-in lines in the name of "security."  Since when did ANY Caucasian women create any kind of problem?  The answer is never!  The same goes for Caucasian men.  If the TSA focused on people of Arab descent and black Muslims that from countries with significant Muslim populations, we'd save billions of dollars.  If a passenger's name is Mohammed or Abdul, then TSA agents had better ask a bunch of questions.  But no!  We have to go through a $7 billion per year "show" that we are not "profiling" when it's exactly the correct thing to do!  It would the cheapest thing to do!  But nobody in Washington gives a damn about budgets and budgeting.

In doing so and saving money and reducing traveler inconvenience, if people of Arab backgrounds or blacks from countries with significant Muslim populations don't like it, then I say tough!  Too bad!

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