Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trumped-up Trial Leaves Zimmerman Bankrupted

The trial, that was never supposed to happen, has financial fall-out for all participants that most people don't think about.

The Zimmerman trial itself was the result of a phony race-baiting exercise and uproar by discredited black leaders---including Obama----who demanded that the State of Florida prosecute (and persecute) George Zimmerman despite the fact that the local jurisdiction didn't see a case worth prosecuting.  See my blog The Failed Political Prosecution of Zimmerman.  It was a Kangaroo trial set up in an attempt to impose a sort of "mob justice" trumped-up in part by the President himself and backed up, of course, by Eric Holder. 

Mark O'Mara, who was George Zimmerman's lawyer, has filed to recoup some $300,000 of the non-lawyer expenses from the state.  This debt is on the shoulders of George Zimmerman.  From Fox News,
Since he was found not guilty, Zimmerman is entitled under a Florida law to recoup the defense costs, minus private attorney fees, said his lawyer Mark O'Mara. It also says that any costs already paid can be refunded with the approval of a judge
Mark O'Mara will not get paid anything since he took the case pro bono. Had he not donated his time, his bill would have been over $1 million for over 16 months of work. We're not counting any other legal counsel costs that might have been incurred. In short, everyone involved in the trial has been financially busted.

Think about that when Holder called for yet another case against Zimmerman (see my blog here).   It is the height of irresponsibility.  It's entirely unfair that Big Government, with unlimited resources wants to further persecute exonerated individuals---even after a jury has spoken.  And this by the nation's Attorney General!  Nobody can withstand or afford such an onslaught.  Nobody should.  Shame on you Holder.   Shame on you Obama.   Shame on you Al Sharpton.  Shame on all of you and all of your supporters!  All of you have lost my support!  All of you are unworthy of my support.

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