Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Black Flash Mobs Rob 3 Sports Authority Stores in Chicago

In my blog, Numerous Incidents Of Black Mob Violence Not Reported, I talk about the book "White Girl Bleed Alot" that documents 100s of incidents where mobs of blacks ransack businesses and rob and/or attack innocent white victims.  The worst thing is that they are mostly not being reported.  And since the perpertrators are black, juries of black peers won't convict them either.

I just happened to run across a report on the internet about three Sports Authority stores in Chicago being robbed by black mobs who carried out racks of sports clothing and trampled anyone in their way.

Here's a Chicago Fox News video report:


As I'm writing this blog, I'm finding a surprising mainstream new story of the rising number of "flash robs"that contradicts my assertion that this criminality is not being reported.  See the video below.  What they don't report is that the perpetrators are black.  The tone of Diane Sawyer is "I've never heard of this before."  Of course you haven't dear, because you're living in a bubble of your own making.  Here's a link to the same video on YouTube.

Look for an upcoming blog entry making the case that the African American culture is in collapse.

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